Belly Builder (2D belly portrait creator)

Had an idea for a game where you can mix and match different stomach/waist traits and phenotypes together to see what they look like. For the start menu, you pick a skin tone, then next you select the preferred waist ratio: proportional (square/circle), high (vertical rectangle/oval), or short (horizontal rectangle/ellipse). Then you pick which regions you want separated so changing a feature in one area doesn’t change the entire body. Keep in mind, these lines can be adjusted. So if you want a more prominent lower stomach with a smaller upper stomach then you can adjust the lines to do so. The sections option is also suitable for creating curvy sides that change direction or creating stomach rolls and creases as you can adjust the depth of the lines. If you prefer to have a simple rectangular/round body shape, then pick the no sections option. Next, you can adjust the width of the lower chest/upper stomach line to be shorter or longer than the lower base of the stomach. Then you can change the sidelines to either stay straight/diagonal or curve inwards or outwards. On a belly divided into 2 sections horizontally, each section will have the same options as the basic single-section one, so you can make the upper side curve inward and then separately make the lower one curve outward to make an hourglass type figure. There will also be options for belly button placement, size, shape, and other options for surface lines or markings on the stomach (light and dark stretch marks, linea alba, linea nigra, cellulite dimples, iliac lines, etc.) other options include adding an overhang/sagging bottom or loose skin. The muffin top option will round the edges on the bottom and make them less angular. I may also include presets for those struggling to navigate and then they can edit and tweak whatever was automatically generated. Some ideas for presets would be based off popular bbws (Azismiss, Muffinmaid, Imogeneize, etc.)

Btw the concept sketches I posted are rough and not final. I am no artist so this has been a bit of a struggle. If there are any artists on here who would love to help out and make some SVG elements, that would be real nice. But yeah, what’s some advice you guys have for me that would make things simpler. What ideas would you like to be put in the game should it ever get made?




Considering we are not sure if/how flash will be available past the 15th, I recommend using something else for it.
Maybe godot or unity?

The whole thing seems pretty neat.


Thanks for letting me know. Another idea if I can’t find an artist would be to use clippings of real photos and images and generate composits out of them.

Adobe is being aggressive in getting people to remove flash. Flash is dead.


Flash is 100% dead outside of Flashpoint and maybe that Newgrounds project. All browsers are blacklisting the Flash plugins (Firefox even did that to me MONTHS ago).
The Flash Player projector download is still available, but we don’t know if it will be downloadable after the cutoff point, and some people think there might be a killswitch in there that will disable the program, too.

I’ll be frank, if anyone is still developing interactive content in regular ol’ Flash right now, they need to be given a dunce cap.