Belly Game Direct?

My Team and I have been considering hosting our own yearly direct for Belly Devs all around the world to come together and discuss projects! This is mainly a question:

• Who would be interested in watching?
• Who would want to have their project featured?
• What is a great yearly date?

With all of those questions answered, we could begin work on the first Belly Game direct! Let me know what you guys think on this post!


I love this idea! You guys should totally try and get it going I now I’d tune in to watch for sure. It would also encourage more games to be made, and old projects getting updated. This is just an awesome idea all around!

That would be pretty interesting tbh

Oh! I’d both love to be featured and watch it!

I’m not sure if it should have an exact yearly date since gain jams don’t exactly have one either, but around the first week after sounds good since there is still a lot of hype around

would it be more or less like how nintendo directs work but with fat games? but how would the discussion part be done?

I would probably want to have my stuff on it when I actually make something finished enough to be worth showing and I would probably like to watch it assuming there is some demand on having a finished game/demo to be allowed to be featured.

I’d love to be part of the project!

I assume you can work with the admins of Weight Gaming to promote the events, and sometime before the end of the year sounds like a good time to host the event.

I was thinking we’d either skip the discussion or only do it with a few select titles that the creators are okay with being interviewed via discord call… Not sure if the first one will have it or not though

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Thank you guys for your support! I am now announcing that we are considering hosting the belly direct much more given your input! If you’d like to be apart of the dev teams mentioned please apply on my discord! Project: Quimbly