BELLY GAMER GIRL - Short Belly game

Hello! Today just a short belly game!

Help the Belly gamer girl to eat a lot of chocolate muffins!

You can dowload HERE

Very short description, but is a short game, in one morning you can get all endings, so i hope you can enjoy it :slight_smile:


Fantastic short game! enjoyed playing it, and each of the four endings scenes are very well done. Ended up getting the perfect ending after a couple of failed playthroughs and then the real challenge was avoiding the muffins to get the other three endings hehe. Great work! Love the character too, she’s super cute and the dialogue from her was well done.

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Thanks! I want try to make more shorts game like this in the future :slight_smile:


Surf the belly is other game…

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I have to say that it is a good quick game .


pretty good game ngl


Here’s a new let’s play of it :slight_smile: