Belly Genie (Working Title)



So after mindlessly kicking Quest in the face multiple times I think I finally cracked it and working on a not-so-big text adventure involving a fat genie lady named Jinra who grants odd weight-gain / stuffing themed requests, oh, and also can stuff and fatten herself. I got the first customer done and i’m currently working on the second one. (Don’t worry, Gluttoness is still in the field.)

So quick F.A.Q;

When will it be done?

No clue. I’m working on this at my own pace (because to be honest, I don’t prioritize fetishy stuff / erotica in creative free time) and it’s more of a motivator for me to learn some basic programming and hone my writing skills. I’m sharing it because I know you guys would want to try it out too. I don’t even if know if it will ever be finished, to be honest.

What will it run on?

Quest 5.

Will it be puzzling / challenging?

Not really, no. I find it more fetch-questy than something challenging, but puzzles are out in the open and certainly not off the table.

Can you get ye flask?

You cannot get ye flask.

I’m certainly not going to tell thou.

Graphics schmaphics, for sooth!

Will there be pictures?

I can’t draw, so no.

Anyways, all in all, i’m working on it.


Will this be all BBW content, or will men/BHM be included as well?


Men typically aren’t my sexual interest so no.


R u gonna upload a demo or wait till your done to make upload the full version