Belly Genie (Working Title)

So after mindlessly kicking Quest in the face multiple times I think I finally cracked it and working on a not-so-big text adventure involving a fat genie lady named Jinra who grants odd weight-gain / stuffing themed requests, oh, and also can stuff and fatten herself. I got the first customer done and i’m currently working on the second one. (Don’t worry, Gluttoness is still in the field.)

So quick F.A.Q;

When will it be done?

No clue. I’m working on this at my own pace (because to be honest, I don’t prioritize fetishy stuff / erotica in creative free time) and it’s more of a motivator for me to learn some basic programming and hone my writing skills. I’m sharing it because I know you guys would want to try it out too. I don’t even if know if it will ever be finished, to be honest.

What will it run on?

Quest 5.

Will it be puzzling / challenging?

Not really, no. I find it more fetch-questy than something challenging, but puzzles are out in the open and certainly not off the table.

Can you get ye flask?

You cannot get ye flask.

I’m certainly not going to tell thou.

Graphics schmaphics, for sooth!

Will there be pictures?

I can’t draw, so no.

Anyways, all in all, i’m working on it.


Will this be all BBW content, or will men/BHM be included as well?

Men typically aren’t my sexual interest so no.

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R u gonna upload a demo or wait till your done to make upload the full version

I wanna finish the game before I even think about uploading it. It’s a very spotty development cycle and I haven’t fully programmed early elements yet.


serpents, spiders, tail of a rat, call in this thread, wherever it’s at

The actress playing the genie got killed in a freak accident involving the monkey so now she will be played by Will Smith

Seriously though, so i’m not dead, I took a break due to medical complications, this genie girl is still on my mind (thank you Aladdin trailer for reminding me) and i’m dry on ideas. Any of you guys got ideas you wanna hurl my way?

How about a customizable genie girl and every time she grants a wish she gains weight ( likely small amounts at a time).

Maybe a side quest where you can wine and dine the genie, slowly trying to discover her favorite food in order to bribe her for more wishes (and naturally increase her weight).

Neat idea but the girl herself is already established. Weight gain system is already like halfway done and I don’t think I can afford the time and effort to establish a character customization thing this late.

I think I forgot to mention the genie is the playable character and the story is already established about essentially doing wg-related odd-jobs.

I appreciate mechanics being thrown my way, but i’m primarily looking for some story elements and ideas. There are plans for multiple “customers” you serve, and again, I only made two, so feel free to pitch some characters.

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@kingsaxatron Totally cool!! I am glad to hear of your great work so far! Thanks for answering my reply. Keep up the great work, but still relax as to not get burnt out! Peace.

What kind of ideas are you looking for help with?

If you’re wanting costumer/request ideas you may need to give us some insight into how you deal with those things in-game. Things like;
How does she grant wishes, how many wishes does she grant, what does she get out of it, how does the gameplay tie into granting a wish, are the costumers feeders/feedees or both?

How “gamey” is the game? Is there some sort of challenge in granting the wishes, or do you just want an interactive story with minimal player agency?

1, 2 and 3. Like any other genie, three wishes upon request. All of which just so happen to contain the twist of food, or obvious implication, and she gets a job well done as far as I know. As I said, i’m looking for something to elaborate on her main goal throughout all this.

  1. The customers can be both.

  2. This is like really basic considering it’s my first game that’s actually working out so far, so it’s not that gamey? It’s best thought up of some slight-puzzle-ish interactive story, it’s not much. I primarily write, but not much of a programmer.

Perhaps some costumers aren’t at all interested in the whole aspect of weight gain, but since she’s a genie they still try to take advantage of her to gain wealth, power and love. However it becomes like a monkey’s paw situation, where weight gain will always find a way into the equation.

Quick example:

One lady is looking for true love, but every time she has hooked up with a guy/gal in the past it’s just been a really shallow relationship about lust and money.
Upon receiving the gift she gains a lot of weight (how could this happen?!), she is of course really distraught about this, worrying that no one will ever want to be with her now looking like this.
Due to her size however, she finds a person who isn’t simply interested in her figure, or her money, and they fall in love and it all works out for the both of them.