Belly Stuffing Audio Story [18+]

I found out about Elevenlabs’ text-to-speech AI and tried to build a blunt and lewd audio story around it, with sound effects and all. Just wanted to share.

Length: 8:10 min
Contains: Belly Stuffing, Burping, Belly Sounds, Force Feeding, Explicit Language


This is actually really well done! I’m very impressed by how naturally it flows. The mix of sound effects are not only really sexy but they are really well layered. They don’t drown out anything important and are placed extremely well to punctuate the narration! No matter how much work the AI actually did (I am not familiar with how this one works), I’m still very impressed with the whole thing!


Thank you so much for your feedback! The AI basically did the job that a voice actress would normally do. However, since the voice tends to sound pretty lifeless, I thought it would be best suited to the role of a narrator, so I wanted to test out the potential in that direction. ‘Sadly’, everything else you hear was mixed together by me in an audio program - it could be super exciting if AI would actually (eventually?) be able to create entire audio landscapes and stories like this from scratch all by itself, though!

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You did a great job with the mix then! :smiley: — Would be really cool if you could put lines between certain special characters to get the AI to draw from an SFX library at points — BURP — Or something to that effect lol. To be fair, as you said, the AI is probably not too far off doing that already lol. Very cool none the less!