Belly stuffing chat bot project

Hello guys!
I’ve made a chat bot. My idea was to quickly impement stories into visual. There is not much content in it for now. Only one character- The professor. But I’m planning to expand it.
Also it is important to note that almost everything is free now, one part with the naked Professor is paid, for sure there will appear new lines and characters.
It is not a RenPy or Unreal Engine, so it is like step by step you recieve text and picture. So technically it is a Chat) But the advantage is that you do not need anything additional to install to the phone, you just need Telegram.
As always, just wanted to share for those who are interested.

Here is the link:

RenPy version:


Starving nation Starving nation by Yuliya3k


Added a new story about Trib Shaman to the Bot

You must be very inspired to release another project so soon


Indeed, I’m inspired with Chat Bots) Trying capabilities, something new inspires me very much.

Added one more story

RenPy version Starving nation by Yuliya3k