best farming method?

so my question is in the current version which is the best method for weight farming?

just run the same dungeon thingy over and over again and make it so each character attacks their favorite food when possible

but which one? and which upgrades do you choose?

if you want optimal farming, either of the dragon fights would be better.
It’s better to funnel all of the weight to 2-3 adventurers, namely bard and who ever is effective on the boss, Candy dragon in particular only requiring Bard and Witch to run, with the other two party slots filled by Knight and Priestess so you can refresh the Bard.
For upgrades, raise either Witch or Thief’s power till they can one-shot their respective dragons. For bard, try to level speed until it hits ~95% or higher, then level Power till at around 70+, then focus the rest of leveling to metabolism, as this will make it faster to refresh her when she refreshes the damage dealer.

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i just go to candy dragon with witch with 26power,79 speed,30 metabolism, and 20-30 capacity. because it works and its op

Cakes from Hell. Go with The Warrior, The Priestess, The Bard, and The Witch.

Note that for this to work, The Witch must have enough power to kill every enemy in one hit and must have enough Capacity and Metabolism to not get KO’d from the vast amount of food. The other members should first focus on enough capacity / metabolism to not die as well, then go for pure speed.

Every turn, kill everything with The Witch and heal with the other characters. By the end, the three other characters should gain around 1500 weight and The Witch should gain close to 4000.

This is by far the best farming method.


PS, this is what I’ve done with this method: characters|690x431

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Similarly to the one above, but a more cheaty way to do it. Witch -> hit the first enemies -> click 4 times on exit -> repeat
If you have some sort of macro one “turn” is about 0.2s for 340 weight, all on one person.

Also, if you have x mouse button control, I do this for 1080p screen, all levels cleared. Warrior, Priestess, Bard, Witch. Witch is in lower right spot. Start in battle. Option 7, 50ms.
This one is quite a bit faster.


whats the best place to farm extracts? for thining every one?

mainly the bonus levels, iirc the first bonus level only lasts a minute so you can get all 4 extracted pretty quickly @Silent_Songs

Can’t you just go into a level and quit it and still be able to extract?

quit didn’t seem to work for me

no, you are rewarded an extract for when you complete a level iirc

if your trying for 1 character i reccomend having the bard, priestess and knight but if one of them is the target then bring the warrior in for back up

ever since the new version came the best weight grind place is the bonus level
heres the build
extra weapons
any any potion potion
theif priest bard illusionist
use illusionist on the last parts

personnaly i just built a party with
preistess as a failsafe

  • you can add items if you want

got alot of xp from farming it

well yes but actually no its when you exit the level, so you could just put a single step inside the dungeon and back flip 69 miles backwards to get an extract (or two if you got an S on the zombie apocalypse)