Best Fat/Weight gain/Inflation mods

I wanted to make a thread for the best Fat, Weight Gain, or Inflation mods for games. Some good ones that i can think of are Stardew Fatty and the Wg mod for Starbound. Any others y’all know about?


Here’s all I can think of:

Sonic 2 XL: A mod of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 where Sonic gains weight due to Rings being replaced by onion rings.
Fat Haydee (Haydee 1): There are some clipping issues with the model, but it works similar to the base game’s model.
The Sims 4 Mods: I believe SquirrelGirlDGT made a YouTube video for some mods for TS4, though some either may be lost to time or locked behind a paywall.

And that’s all I got, sadly…


risk of rain 2 has fatify. it makes all the characters fat (=
Skyrim and fallout 4 both have mods to make ur character fat or (vore) but u gotta spend a while getting the mods and modding them (a quick search on youtube and on this site, not too hard to find)


Not to mention Skyrim doesn’t work due to a game-breaking glitch that happens when you start the game, in which case it crashes and closes itself.


thats not normal u should look into that


I did. And believe it or not, it only happens after “New Game” is clicked on and you’re shown the welcome message before it tries to send you to the opening cutscene, and when it tries to do that, the game crashes completely. The unmoddable console versions don’t have this problem, however.

You ever tried an alternate start mod? Usually fixes that issue, for me at least

The opening cutscene and Helgen afterward is heavily and precariously scripted. Just about anything modifying game scripts before the intro tend to bork just about everything in it. From the horses and cart flying around like ballistic weapons to the game just crashing, anything and everything can go wrong.

This is why most script-based mods tell you to not enable them until you leave Helgen or use an alternate start mod like JohnnyHwipp suggested.

Edit: I forgot that even having higher than 60 fps can screw up the physics in it if you’re not careful.

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