best headphones for gaming?

hey everyone what are the current best wired headphones for gaming? I saw these and heard that Sennheiser is far better than many main stream gaming headsets, is this true?

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I personally like the the Kingston HyperX Cloud 2s. They are comfortable, have a good sound, and are not too expensive. The detachable mic also allows them to be used as regular headphones which is nice. The only down side is the external sound card is nice but is not really good quality so if you are an audiophile may not be good for you.

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I once knew guy with an absolutely terrible car.

His music player, and I use that term very loosely, was an mp3 player hooked up to a pair of $10 speakers, attached to his dash by duct tape, and powered via the cigarette lighter.

It was awkward during the winter, since we had to choose between music and heat since there was only one power source in the vehicle.

Those headphones would probably be perfect for him.

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I used to have an older version of the Sennheiser Game One Headphones and really liked them. I think I bought them in 2012 and they broke this year (the volume control on the right ear got worn out) so I bought the Sennheiser HD 569 (and an old mic from a friend).

I’ve heard that buying mic and headphones separately gives more bang for your buck (unless having them both in one headset is more valuable to you) but I can’t confirm that.

I would recommend buying something with as few bells and whistles as possible because most of them are pointless and more things means more things that can break.

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They’re usually overpriced and overkill for what they do. Almost anything you buy for $100-plus will be fine. Do not spend more than 150 for a ‘’‘gaming’’’ headset, it’s almost certainly not worth it unless you like their aesthetic.

My current ones are AKG and they’re great sound-wise though this model (K550 mk 2) has two serious design flaws; a band that cracks because it runs metal across plastic and a non-detachable cable that can get kink issues (which, since it’s non-detachable is a PITA).

I’ve also used ATH and Shure headphones in the past without any big issues.

Personally, I like using larger over-ear designs and tend not to use gaming-style cans with a headset, since I have a desktop mic.


I use AIAIA TMA-2 Headphones. These are a modular solution and my daily driver everywhere. (Gaming, Listening to Musik etc.) You can repair them quite easily by just replacing the broken components.

I would recommend buying a cable due to the fact that the bluetooth solution is great for listening to music but not for gaming because of the high delay.

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