Bethesda’s human anatomy

Anyone else a little curious of how weird the body meshes might look like in starfield?

I mean, Bethesda isn’t exactly know for their good looking character models, and morbid curiosity struck me about their new upcoming game. From the trailer, the models actually look good, great even, but what about on the edges of their new body circle tool? Fallout 4’s body triangle didn’t look that great when near the edges, sometimes even mods didn’t help much

So I ask you guys, how much hope do you have for decent looking character models in Starfield?

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Confidence in a bethesda product is inversely proportional to its proximity to todd howard


I’ve got no faith in it, Bethesda’s just a subpar/trash company in general ever since they got bought up by Zenimax, all of their games are janky, bare-minimum products, and the only reason anyone with an IQ higher than 90 plays any of them is because they’re easily moddable.
The character models themselves, it’s hard to tell quite yet because Bethesda’s just another company that loves bullshots and such these days, and I wouldn’t trust any gameplay footage until the actual release.
Plus, if it really is true that they’re redoing the engine from scratch (they probably aren’t), then modding will either be dead or delayed.

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As far as I know, Starfield is going to be their last game on the creation engine before the big changes

As for the bullshots you’re talking about, do you mean Bethesda softworks or game studio? Because as far as I can remember, BGS trailers look pretty similar to the game on release, but then again I don’t really pay attention to graphics that much as I focus on game play more, while Bethesda softworks loves CGI trailers, look at ESO for example