Beware of the end of the year Burn out

The end of the Year is coming soon so I think it is time to talk about Burn out and ways to fight it because what kill many project is when life hit in the gut or when you take on to many things at once and the well of ideas is bone dry.

One way to fight Burn out is take breaks even if it is a 30 min break it help, there been many time when I hit a wall and I feel like I am spinning my wheels but after a good break I feel much better and ready to work again.

next watch videos, read books or look at art about thing that are like your project, there have been so many time when I would watch anime and get my fire back to work on a project again.

last sometime it suck BUT you may have to cut some ideas in your project if it is taking you to long to find a fix or the project is taking to long because you have tons of ideas you may have to rethink and ask yourself do you need this in you project and if no then cut it believe it hurt to cut an idea but you feel better in the long run.

But this is just my ideas if you have any Great idea to fight burn out please talk about it you may help someone who need it this year or next year.


This is really sweet! Not at all what I’d imagine being talked about on a kink gaming forum, lol, but it’s still very nice!!

I think one of the biggest things that’s helped me with burnout is the idea of “striking the iron while its hot”, like if you have an urge to work on a project you just do it, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, strike the iron. This also works the other way: if you have a project that you haven’t worked on for a while that’s perfectly fine, because striking cold iron is just a silly thing to do.

Be kind to yourself, and seize any opportunities your brain gives you for creative endeavors!

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