Big Aspirations (0.6.2) A weight gain interactive story

Ok, I’m at basically the end game and I’ve only managed to figure out two of the sandwich parts (Bread and fairy dust.)
Can I get a clear guide on where to get the rest?

Also I fed CiCi to stage 9, and she’s just stuck like that now. There’s no option to bring her to the lab like I’ve seen others saying. Can’t even talk to the lab doctor about her.

Ultimate Sandwich Parts
Fairy dust: feed Fairy at fountain
Condiments:win last Hotdog eating Contest
Enhancers:Cici Quest
Bagel:BE Vial Doughnut girl
Beef:AE Vial All you can Eat server
Greens:All foods girl

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So once you have fed Cici to stage 9 and you have unlocked the lab you need to pass on feeding her to trigger the event to talk to Tiffany at the lab about her.

What other uses for the Perfect Sandwich are there besides on Cici to satiate her never ending hunger and stopping her from eating people.

you can give it to:The doughnut shop girl, the All foods girl, the streamer, the all you can eat waitress, Tiffany(if you captured Cici) all of you co workers(other than Kali)the Mime, your hotdog rival and Lilly(she uses it up, like Cici) you can use it yourself for an ending too.

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But using it on one person makes you lose it right?

Only Lilly and Cici use it up

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Ah my bad I didn’t see it in your previous message. Might go back to a previous save and share the sandwich with the other characters.

i forgot to mention but Tiffany can use it multiple times

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Can the saves from this update be used for the next one?

Ok, Thank you.
I’ve managed to get all the parts except for the meat from the buffet girl I’ve tipped her to her max size, but there’s no option to give her the vial.

I have a question. how do I give the hyper postion to Kali?

@Shevlander you may have to keep trying, just keep doing it until the option appears

@Lilly_Silly First give her the Glizzard coupon, then you have to encounter her a few more times, eventually the option will appear.

I don’t see the prompt to give her the coupon. Am I too far into the save?

it should always be an option as long as you HAVE one. they do get used up, you have to win more at the hotdog eating contest. and you may have to encounter her a few times before the prompt appears. i dont think theres a cutoff for your co workers, but there may be a minimum size?

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You need to be at at least stage 6 before Kali can be given the coupon. At that point she starts to be confrontational with you and that is what motivates your character to sabotage her diet.

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Can anyone tell me which prey is this supposed to be? I have been stuck here for a while

Someone from the park path i believe

Just a minor update.

​Version 0.6.2

  • Fixed bug where if Beth’s phone scene was missed early on would lead to players unable to do anything at the park outside of seeing Beth, phone scene can no longer be missed as long as player goes to park with necessary requirements.
  • Addressed the few broken image links that were brought up.

Great! This gives me a reason to play it on my PC now lol

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