Big Aspirations (0.6.2) A weight gain interactive story

Hey, was lurking under a different account for a while and was inspired to try my hand at making something! Please be aware that this is my first time doing coding or working with this software so the chances of bugs popping up are likely, but please feel free to tell me about them, I am willing to fix mistakes and learn! I am also using AI art to supplement the story, my art skills are lacking and my budget is limited, I hope you understand.

You are Aubrey, a young woman who just recently started her job at a marketing firm. You have always gone unnoticed in your day to day life and you have reached your limit. You come to the realization that the only way that you will be able to draw the attention and respect of others is by getting…bigger.

A text based weight gain adventure using AI art.

After a long 3 month the newest version is now available! I know that it has been a while but the amount of new content added should speak as to why that was. I am also hopeful that bugs in this version should be far less common thanks to the efforts of @hamadana, @LupusGamer, and @Somchu, who aided in bug testing.

Version 0.6.0 includes:

  • A revamped lay out of the work day, now instead of one event happening and then the work day ending, you will take the transit, have a work event, and conclude your workday.
  • As part of these changes the default event result is to now run into one of your coworkers, making it much easier to come across one when you are trying to advance there storyline.
  • Your coworkers have been expanded upon, with more stages of weight gain, as well as names!
  • Overtime is now set up to be a event that occurs on a semi regular basis that is independent of the rest of the work day.
  • New work events
    • Can run into Beth as she makes deliveries to your workplace
    • Did somebody say Pizza Party?
  • More dates for main love interest
  • Unique Events tied to whichever girl you chose to move in with
  • New NPC’s
    • A talented mime that performs the streets, she is not above receiving tips
    • A mischievous catgirl with connections to another character
      • Branching Vore and Non-Vore Stories
      • A butcher that is tied to the non-vore route
  • Many NPC’s that can be encountered by just exploring the world, most are just for flavor and making the world feel more lively but some have unique events.
  • I am testing out sound effects in this update, most appear in the new content at the end of the game, I am curious to learn how people feel about them.
  • Another weight stage for the player character
  • More Lab Scenes
  • Lilly’s Storyline has been completed
  • Another Ending to be found
  • A sandwich
  • Over 1000 images
  • Over 190,000 words

​Changes of note and Bugfixes

  • Overtime now costs 3 energy rather than consuming all of your energy

  • Ophilia now consumes the fruit when aiding you in getting back into the Curio

  • Some hint texts have been added to areas where players seem unsure of what to do.

  • You are now guaranteed to encounter Beth for her meeting event and phone event when you go to the park at stages 2 and 4 respectively

  • The Casino no longer sets you back to 50 dollars

  • The Stock Market now updates automatically at the end of each day instead of when the PC checks the market, meaning that entering and leaving to manipulate the price will no longer do anything.

Version 0.6.1

  • Fixed a bug where over feeding Cici can lead you to by pass some stages.
  • Fixed a couple small spelling mistakes
  • Feeding the fairy only talked about kiwis while at the fountain and is now fixed.
  • Purchasing Meat from the butcher will properly add to your inventory
  • The code for image passages have been updated to include / in the pathing instead of , this should make it so that Operating systems and different hosting services should be able to locate the images.

​Version 0.6.2

  • Fixed bug where if Beth’s phone scene was missed early on would lead to players unable to do anything at the park outside of seeing Beth, phone scene can no longer be missed as long as player goes to park with necessary requirements.
  • Addressed the few broken image links that were brought up.

A shout out to @Morte_Nera on the Weight gaming forum for aiding in writing a couple of scenes!

You can check it out for free here!

At the request of some individuals I have also created a Kofi where you can leave a tip if you feel inclined to do so.


It has potential, and i can’t deny that i enjoyed what is their even if its so far not much.

I think their is things for can add/ improve on this from here and i would suggest:

  • Streamer wants to meet you in public if you donate enough, perhaps making her datable and a possible feeder for your character to gain more weight

  • Members of her staff asking her to hang out with work colleges after her shift, good way to gain and know the other members of staff better

  • Runner in the park as romantic option (Mutual gaining relationship or feedee/feeder depending if she wants to get back into shape)

  • Magic shop owner also gains weight the more items you purchase, eventually perhaps blaming you for making her fat but could tell she wanted to get bigger so gives her a special ‘gift’ just for her


Thank you so much for making this! I can’t wait to see more updates! :slight_smile:


Really loved it so far!
It would be really good to go back to a new day after you hit the current end of content for Aubrey as my first run through I never finished the streamer event or found the shops!

In the artefact shop buying the amulet does not take any of your money.
Occasionally when going for a walk I would just encounter a blank event for that day and would have to just go back.

It would be nice to see in future Aubrey being promoted and earning more at work as she gets bigger.
Some more interactions at work that aren’t just random events / ways to fatten up the co-workers as well.


I liked it, I hope you continue working on this project because I think this could be a pretty good game.


It would be nice if you didn’t have to constantly scroll down in order to click on things, especially in the repeated events that are the same every day.


A really good game so far. I especially like how the gaining started with just the boobs and butt, made it more of a slow burn rather than “and now she’s massive” overnight.

This may just be because I like seeing round numbers, but only throwing 1 coin into the fountain when you can otherwise only spend in 5s minimum was really annoying, I went out of my way to chuck 4 more coins in just so the total amount looked nicer. Might just be me being weird, but I’d rather have 5 coins thrown in instead of just 1.

Encountered a couple of bugs, there’s the blank page that occasionally shows when going for a walk, and two of the NPC’s images don’t show (caption “Oh lawd she coming” and “I want to rub that belly so bad”). Purchasing from the artefact shop also resets Aubrey’s visual weight, so you have to spend the next few days re-gaining despite the actual weight remaining the same.

Other than that though this is nice start, looking forward to seeing how this develops.


that was quite enjoyable! I look forward to more :blush:

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@maldy, thank you for the suggestions and I am glad you enjoyed the content! the idea of a meet up event with the streamer!
2.This is a planned feature for later updates
3. Ditto this one
4.I wanted some NPC’s that didn’t gain weight, but the idea of thickening up the goth chick might be a bit too tempting for me.

@Kazian You brought up a good point, so I added a return to the stage 3 content so people could keep exploring what is available. And thank you for bring to my attention some bugs, they have been addressed. As for the workplace stuff you brought up, all of those ideas are already in the planning and implementing phase!

@Wulf_Diomhaireachd I’m glad you like the slower burn on the weight gain, that is more my pace as well. As for the coin thing, Making all the money variables into increments of 5 isn’t a bad idea. I feel from a purely flavor stand point that 1 coin make sense for making a wish. Also thank you for bringing those bugs to my attention, they have been addressed.


Did another quick run through, the amulet doesn’t seem to do anything. Once it’s purchased it remains in the shop, but you can’t buy it again, and I didn’t notice any other affects like an increased rate of gaining or a mini cutscene like with the second scroll.

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Most of the suggestions I was going to raise have already been mentioned, but one question/issue/something I’d like to raise is whether this is planned to be a relatively straightforward outward journey or if there’s going to be a tension or threat. For example, Piece of Cake had mental and physical health, some others have overall financial solvency, even Tramp has the slightly softer tension of managing the desired weight range of yourself and your companions.

Anyways, it’s a nice start!

Edit: One thing I just noticed fiddling with the most recent version is that there doesn’t seem to be a ‘weight down’ event - went up to stage 2, then happened to go back below the trigger weight, but remained at stage 2.

Thinking this comes from “I have the image for stage 3 event, but not for the rest of the daily activities, so you stay on stage 2”. Nothing against it, as there a good chunk of images already in the game, and so its gunna take some time to get more and get them assigned correctly.

This a a fun and promising start! Still lots of little issues, though.

your new coworkers finish there conversation. With one of them meeting your eye as

Should be “their”, and you split one sentence in half with a period, so use a comma instead. Or else start a new sentence, like “One of them meets your eye”.

There’s a broken image - the one for the “local attraction” with the comment “Good for her”. Also the quote marks are mismatched for that one; it should be “…” or ‘…’.

Something is broken about buying the second scroll, at least with 170 money. There’s the text “Ask for info” but no link, and no link back to the shop page.

Thank you for putting in an “end of content” message! That’s always good to know.

In a game like this I really miss having a save function. It’s not quite necessary, but probably good to have.

Also, the first time I played through the intro, I didn’t realize I could click the dialogue “help” to get to the next page.

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This is a really great start, hope to see more!

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I really like the events, and the IA art, cant wait for more events and weight stages.

Great work, I will keep check of the next updates

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Just finished playing 0.1.2 liking the concept you have here.

Bugs, errors, etc.

  • The first weight stage transition for the mukbang streamer failed to load the new weight stage image the first time. (rolling back and choosing the options to watch seemed to fix it.)

  • Choosing to purchase more incense still leaves the other options to buy items up and you are able to click into other item to buy.

  • When buying the strange amulet in the starting weight stage, it was back in the shop after a period of time.

  • Purchasing the amulet a second time still leaves the amulet in the shop inventory. I also did not notice anything from the amulet.

  • Going for a walk (weight was at 82klg) and seeing the running girl at her third weight stage (with her cheeks clapping) makes you “drop” down a weight stage. All the images are from the previous stage and the button popping work event will play again. However, your weight number doesn’t actually reset to an earlier stage. Had this happen multiple times so it’s not based on just the first time you see her.

  • The final weight stage transition event has an extra “Goodnight”. Just before the actual event happens. This is present always once at this final weight stage when going to bed, and clicking on it will replay the final (currently) weight stage event.

  • The second scroll doesn’t have the “ask for info” selectable, instead when you go to buy it the ask for info section is loaded under the normal purchase text (along with the image of the clerk.)
  • Multiple typos.
  • The enough in “enough sight seeing” option at work needs to be capitalized.

  • “Good for her” local attraction at work, the image doesn’t load.

  • Going for food and choosing “on second thought” doesn’t consume any energy.

  • Mukbang is spelled as “muckbang” in multiple places.


  • I would love to see a download option for the game as to not have to play it in browser.

  • The option to save and load save files would be nice.

  • Maybe an inventory system. I would love to be able to purchase food items and give them to some of the girls at work and random girls you come across. Not sure what is planned but I would love to see some more feeder elements for the MC with the other girls, even if it had to be reserved for a different route to have it not conflict with the other characters gaining as the MC goes up in stage.

  • Would love to just have a way to go to sleep regardless of energy. Sometimes you just need to/want to pass the time since you are low or limited funds.

  • It would be interesting to see us donate actually food to the mukbang streamer rather then just money. Like order pizza or take out, and there being a small scene attached to it with a few images, probably mainly a before and after. You can have the higher order (donation) amounts set to different dialogue as the streamers weight climbs. Even if this is reserved for one off events per her climbing weight as to make it less work or have the dialogue fit with her current size, rather than have to make it more generic to fit multiple stages.

  • Dates/outings/meeting girls randomly at locations, I would love to see some instances of being able to go out with some of the girls in the game feed them/order for them, etc type of thing.

  • I would love to see the random girls at work interactions get more fleshed out, given names, ways to interact with them etc. Having them be random I think is fine I like see different events like that pop up during work, walking, on the ride to work, but something about fattening office coworkers has always been prime fetish content in my opinion :heart_eyes:. Would love to see some interactions and maybe even weight stages.

  • There’s already ways to passively gain weight though the store, and I assume the amulet is supposed to be another, although I didn’t notice any effects from it. It might be more interesting if you can purchase it and gift it to the store owner to start her gaining. While it totally makes sense for her to gain based on the amount the player spends there, or even based on the MC’s own weight level. I do like the idea of helping corrupt her with “occult” style curiosities.

This is a cool little first release, I like what is here and look forward to seeing what comes next. Interested in seeing more content for the runner and shop owner and some good ideas are floating around in the thread already. Keep up the good work.


I’m playing the game right now, I guess my only complaint is some grammar typos in the text but that can be fixed. I agree with Krodmandoon that you should add new messages for each of the Mukbang streamer’s weight goals, meaning every donation has a real impact on her

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Thank you for the feed back and report, messages like these are extremely helpful! I have made sure to address these issues in the latest patch

Wow, this is a very detailed report, thank you so much for taking the time to play the game and even more so for being so thorough. The bugs and typos that you have brought up in your feed back have been addressed excluding the " on second thought" issue you brought up, I thought that if a player didn’t want to actually go to eat food or if they didn’t have enough money then they shouldn’t be penalized for that.

Now onto suggestions!

  • I currently have content in the files that have yet to be implemented into the actual game that I would prefer to keep a hidden at the moment, but once the game reaches a full release I will make it downloadable.

  • I have added saving and loading to the most recent patch because a few people had brought it up and I agree!

  • I might consider doing a inventory system at some point, but I have other ideas for how to implement some feeder stuff into the game :slightly_smiling_face:

*Food donations for the streamer is a great idea, doing it as special events I think would be the way to go about it.

*Dating/romance/outing are definitely planned and incoming, I liked the idea of them not really noticing you until Aubrey starts to become more “substantial”, which is why you haven’t seen them in the early weight stages.

  • I added the work girls mostly as scene dressing but I have a hard time saying no to the idea of doing more with them, I really like the designs of some of them (especially the pink haired one with the big ass) so I will look into trying to get them more involved.

  • My initial thoughts on the amulet would be that it would be a large sum of money for an item that just passively gives weight from the moment that you purchase it, but I really do like the idea of sabotaging the amulet store girl… I will look into it :wink:


That makes sense, it just didn’t fit with the rest of the game. So, I had assumed it to be a bug, as you can go to the store, walk, or even do the mukbang stream with no money to where you can’t pay for things but it still takes energy away. This was the exception.