Big Aspirations (0.6.2) A weight gain interactive story

To scroll up, you must roll your mouse wheel with your finger. Depending on your computer’s settings, you will either need to rotate towards or away from yourself, and it should be readily apparent which direction is correct. Alternatively, you may use the “PgUp” key on your keyboard.


Ive gotten to the point in lilly’s questline that im past the icecream tube from beth are the next stages just really long to get to or am i missing something?

More Icecream speeds things up quite a bit. Also, if you go and get the expert cookbook and get the 3-layer cake recipe, that helps quite a bit.

I guess it takes a while because after at least 15 cakes and 5 special ice-cream it felt like i haven’t made any progress also she complains it doesn’t fill her up as much anymore so i was curious if its trying to tell me something else.

i THINK that means you are as far as you can go without the sandwich.

Even if it is not planned for the normal finale you got going, I hope in the future we get another magic item that we can use to push ladies with the sandwich to another stage.
Something i think I understand but want to confirm, the incense allows you to eat more at once, so for events like the donuts you go from being able to eat one to eat a Dozen correct?
what is the limit on that? because in one run i must have used it 200 times.
Would also be funny if we use it so much we could vore the cat on the vore route when she is immobile


or after she eats the sandwich.