Big Fatties WIP Addon: Walking Fatties


So, I’ve been postponing this moment for a while now, maybe even for a good reason, but that doesn’t really matter. The thing is, I really, really want this to be finished and I hope there are people that also do, so I’ve come to ask for help - I currently don’t have enough time to work on it all by myself, plus process is halted due to my lack of animation skills. Anyway, if you wish to help me in any way, you can either tell me what you think about this idea in general and suggest ideas, or send me a DM if you want to assist in more specific and technical way.

So, what is this addon about you ask? Well it is about somewhat bigger and more mobile, yet still hefty fatties. I got this idea mainly because of all the art I’ve seen and the fact that original SBBF doesn’t feature anything like this. I’ll list my current ideas on this here:

  • First of all, those fatties can walk (yeah great job Captain Obvious), but I’ve also intended for there to be either “normal”, though much higher jumps, or charged jumps to give our fatties the mobility they always deserved.
  • The second thing I thought of is the way of how you can “unlock” or enter this stage - either through GUI, through normal weight gain (after the blob stage respectively) or through eating a refined product that can be crafted from a rather rare alien fruit that can be found in any surface biome from base game, except for moons and barren.
  • Third point is about special abilities that the walking fatties will have - charged jumps, wall-breaking bash (deals damage to blocks rather than breaking them instantly and therefore will have trouble breaking harder blocks due to long recharge time) and also seismic stomp. In terms of game balance, those abilities will be outweighed by downsides in form of much more limited mobility indoors, as well as lower health than the blob has. All those abilities may be hard to implement, yet (I believe) possible.

This list may change during the development with new ideas being added and old being removed. You can suggest your own idea below!
EDIT: Currently, I got few people to help me, but the work will still go very slowly due to various reasons, so I can’t provide even an approximate date of completion.


I will be watching this thread with great interest for I love Acrofatic characters~


Alright! This is awesome and i’d love to pitch some ideas to maby help you out:

  • The charged jump would be very nice to have so people can actually traverse hills and mountains better, maby make the standing still charge like a crouching stance so that when you jump high you kinda use your weight to your advantage.

  • To tie it in with the Getting Used to being Fat mod you could make it so that the player has to remain in the blob form for a certain time before the body is used to being that fat and you unlock this, or make like a muscle enhancer that can only be used in the blob state to achieve this.

  • Maby this entire form can be a tech that you could make with enough lard or get at the blob form (this probably won’t be possible but a nice idea). A midair slam attack where you can jump high and crash down quickly is extra mobility and a nice extra attack. another… tech? extra mobility thing? I would just like a crouch state where you can shoot up or all the way down without accidentally hitting yourself with some weapons, so perhaps make like a laying down tech that improves stability, defence and fixes the problem above but yknow you cant move.

Hope some of these will help you alot, cheers!


I can help you out with sprites if you’d like, i can edit decently but i’m not too good at creating sprites themselves

Currently I am having problems with animating the walking, running and etc. cycles, due to lack of time and spriting experience, so help would be greatly appreciated, I can send you over the current version of spritesheet as well as the reference sheet of how to animate it

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Sure, is there a deadline?

Nope, there are no deadlines, I just wish for this to be done eventually, so any help is appreciated and can be done at your own pace

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Cool, can you send the files over weight gaming?

Now this is what you love to see, some peeps agreeing to work on something cool, good luck!


I didn’t notice you had created this thread until now. I’m going to put it on my watchlist.

It has been so long I forgot you were doing this at one point. Since the last time you posted, the sprites for the mod have changed significantly in appearance, most notably the blob sprite which is now not as tall in appearance. What plans do you have to deal with the change?

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