Big proto comin' through

Hello everyone!
You can call me Foxy, like a few people here I’ve been lurking around for some time and now decided to create an account!

I’m a furry artist from France who enjoys drawing big guys and general fat fur art, been around the weight gain scene since 2019, though I sometime draw other things too (ok maybe more like “rarely”).

I also used to do some video editing but preferred focusing on drawing, partially because of youtube’s shenanigans. Maybe you’ve seen some of the dumb stuff I had made back then such as “Reynauld And The Last Crusade”.

I’ve had some experience with unity and game making in general before, but playing games is far more my thing than making them.
Though, I’ll still have some game related projects to share at some point, I’m more used to modding and I’ve recently been working on a mod for “WORLD OF HORROR” as my main project.


Hello! I think I remember seeing some of your work on FA, you do some really good work. Looking forward to seeing how your Mod comes out!

Welcome to the forums! It’s always good to see a new member. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome aboard! And as a WOH fan myself, I’ll be curious as to that mod of yours!

Oh hello! I do believe I have seen your charcter around before! It’s kinda cool to see you here to! If you want some suggestions for games and such on here you can message me. I have a few good ones plus it would be nice to talk to more people! But either way enjoy yourself and welcome!

Thanks for the welcome everybody! ^^
I’m definitely guilty of sometime showing too much too early when working on bigger projects, but I’ll be looking forward to sharing things once they’re a bit more ready ~

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Oh yeah, you made the charizard binge animation remake, nice to have you join the community!

I remember you! Lot’s of respect for you on my part. I know you’ll make a big splash soon enough!

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