Big Special Delivery

Follow the story of Sam as they go about their pizza delivery job when a customer they weren’t expecting orders from Enzo’s Pizzeria.

I wanted to explore non-binary characters in the community hence I had the idea of this story in mind but a pizza discussion on the discord led me to make this short story in less than 36 hours.

Play it here: Big Special Delivery by Axxisproductions (

I hope you guys enjoy and happy International Non-binary Peoples day. (July 14th)


Noticed writing and ui errors while reading through the VN and will be updating it shortly.

Also I planning on making the VN into a series as Sam and Danni are personal favourite OCs of mine.

edit: It’s updated :slight_smile:

Quick Update:

due to people having trouble reading on web browser due to size limitations I have decided to make the story also downloadable for PCs.

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