Bioshock: Plasmid and Tonic Ideas

I’m really into BioShock, specifically the first one. I love Rapture, its design, the technology of the city, the characters, and the plasmids.

I was thinking: what kind of fetish-themed plasmids and tonics could there be? What kinds of splicers could arise from the use of these plasmids? Here are my ideas:


  1. Grow Now: Allows the user to inflate their targets with gases and/or liquids. Just point at the body part- chest, belly, butt, arms, legs, or head -and they’ll grow right before your eyes!
  • Grow Now splicer type: Burster. Bursters are splicers with gas-bloated or liquid-bloated bodies who wander through the leaking halls of Rapture looking for victims to inflate. Be careful, they’ll inflate you until you pop!
  1. Beef Up: Allows the user to fatten their targets. Point at the body part and fatten it right up!
  • Beef Up splicer type: Gainer. Gainers are splicers with very fat bodies. Once you get in their line of sight, they’ll fatten you until you’re immobile (and possibly eat you!), or they’ll fatten you until your body rips at the seams.


  1. Balloon Belly: Gives the user a large, spherical belly with tripled stomach capacity.
  • To change your belly size, go to a Gene Bank and edit the settings of the tonic to your liking.
  1. Lipophilia: Alters the user’s metabolism so that almost all food consumed will immediately become body fat.
  • To change which part(s) of your body will get the most fat, go to a Gene Bank and edit the settings of the tonic to your liking.

This is what I have so far. Put your ideas for plasmids and/or tonics in the comments!


These ideas sound amazing.

Lactate. enhances a users milk for fast healing. female only.

splicer. matron a healer based splicer with a hoard of loyal followers. some rumors about the milk being addicting or controlling. would be fairly large in pure size with enhanced breast size but weight varies. some are thinner then others.

tonic. healing milk/milker (split for female/male characters) female characters can milk self for a healing drink for allies or self while males can milk a female for the same affect (note female does not need the affect. the tonic works like a short lived by contact power up.) may be fatting