Bit of a colourful oops

I’ve been tinkering away implementing coloured text for different characters’ speech, and bold for important bits of text which involved completely replacing that bit of the UI. All good stuff, and almost finished. However, I discovered that somewhere along the way I’d broken Rochaine’s guided tour of the mine job! Long enough ago too that I couldn’t remember what I’d done that might have broken it. Cue some rather intensive debugging. It’s fixed in my working copy, and I hope to get a release out in the next few days.

Now that I have the ability to selectively highlight text, are there any specific things that you’d want your attention drawn to? I’ve already done the quest messages, and arranged for old text to be slightly dimmed.

I missed Rochaine a bit, but thought I had just somehow circumvented the meeting during my inept and frankly quite heedless tour in the mine.
As a WG-fan, I’d probably like some highlight on my characters increasing weight, but since I am always tuned to those things they already kinda pop up automatically for my perverted mind. Great game! That is what I actually wished to say. :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering about weight gain messages. The trouble is a character’s weight is always changing as it’s calculated in grams. It probably needs some kind of check to only report significant changes.

I do think I should highlight the destruction of clothing though.