Black&White Mods

I was playing around on my PC recently and I remembered that I had this old game called Black&White. In short, in this game you are a deity who must take care of and manage your followers on an island and also take care of a giant creature that is like your avatar.
The difference with this game is, the creature actually learns from you in the game, firstly the monster (Which is actually just a giant animal) will try to replicate what you do, for example, if you use a fireball spell near the monster, he will observe and little by little he will learn to use the same magic, another example is that, if you give a person to the monster to hold and he eats the person (Yes, this is possible) you can either hit him and he doesn’t eat more people or congratulate him which will make him eat people alone
In fact, the game sells itself and stands out precisely because it is literally capable of learning from the player.

Playing the game I thought, I noticed that it has a weight gain system for the creature, obviously it’s not very developed but it’s something. So I thought, “Wouldn’t it be possible to make a mod for this game where I change the creature’s model to something else? For example…”
Obviously this is just an example
I researched and the game is made in C++, and there are some modes for this game but they are mods that change the game’s textures or sounds. I really wanted to make some mod for this game or someone else did it themselves
I would also like to know how I would go about making a mod for this game, because despite having a lot of desire I know practically nothing about programming so I don’t even know where to start and I would like to have at least a starting point


Bro, the game barely runs on modern hardware and needs a bunch of workarounds and community patching to work at all, this is on top of it just being an old game in general.
The games were cool and forcefeeding my monster is at least 10% of what got me into bellies, but unless you can find a modding community with solid instructions on how to reliably do model swaps, IMO it wouldn’t be worth it.


With how old and difficult to run this game is, you may as well just make your own, honestly. This is certainly a legendary game, but modding it heavily is just not feasible.


Looks interesting. Why do people think it isn’t that feasible to mod the game? Is it so incompatible with modern so to work acceptably?

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The game was released in 2001 and I have it on my 2018 notebook, the game crashes from time to time but nothing too serious just a few minor crashes, but my notebook isn’t the best so I think it’s more his fault than the one game itself

Running an emulation of older versions of Windows reduces the hassle of running old games. VMware Workstation is what uses an updated version of Windows 98 with wide-screen support.

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Heck, I even forgot that I have a copy of Black and white with a hardmode mod on this very emulator.

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No lie, this game was pretty damn influential to me in my formative years. I wouldn’t have half the sexual fantasies that currently that I do without the experience of rubbing the enormous belly of my giant, benevolent celestial cow…

It’s a shame that the game now is a pig to run. Even with workarounds and patches, the game isn’t perfect. Save system is borked for me, especially when using the mod to skip the intro. And I don’t really want to go through that lengthy tutorial for what feels like the thirtieth time in my life now.

I’d happily take any new game that featured a macro creature avatar that you could train as a pet.


I believe that the team at Lionhead wanted human beings to be creatures, but they decided against it because they thought they were “too human”. Maybe someone can make an Adam Creature mod and an Eve Creature mod, both based on the book of Genesis (more specifically, with two versions, one of which would depict them with fig leaves on their privates similar to how they realized they ate the forbidden fruit after Satan, disguised as a snake with legs, tricked them).

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From what I researched, they didn’t include human creatures because it would be very strange and inappropriate for the public. And your idea is good, for now I’m looking for some way to modify the game’s models

tbh its not that hard after 1 min of google I was able to run it.

Actually, there is a way to run the game on modern hardware: Black & White Unofficial Patch v1.42 | Black & White Community ( (please note that it requires you to install the 1.10 and 1.20 patches, and if you feel like having a complete version of the original, all the add-ons that were once on Lionhead’s old website, being four extra Creatures, a Soccer pitch, and the ability to hear what Villagers say, especially if you knock on their buildings).

P.S.: Creature Isle has the unofficial 1.24 patch as well.