Blob Nebula: a sci-fi Discord roleplay server

Your ship passes into the dark and shining void, the stars left behind as you enter this uncharted region of space. Despite all the rumours, of spacers growing fat, obese, immobile here, you’ve come. Fortune awaits at the edge of the galaxy, and the risk only increases the potential rewards. If you don’t lose yourself to gluttony.

Blob Nebula is a brand new WGRP server designed to allow players a high degree of freedom in a consistent universe, letting them live out their science fiction fatty fantasies. The design was informed by other WGRP systems and lead by a game designer experienced in working with these mechanics and servers. We’ve put accesbility first in the design philosophy, making this server open to as many people as possible, with as much control given to players over their characters as we could manage.

We’d love to see you come try it out!


UPDATE: Blob Nebula now has 40 users, many of whom have become active roleplayers, and the next location in the nebula has just been unlocked by a group of rather chubby spacers: a living machine planet made of metal, with drones that fatten spacers up to use as storage tanks for all kinds of substances. There’s been a lot of growth in the week since BN opened, and we have plenty of users excited to roleplay with new people!

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Really having a blast here. Lots of creative people who want to talk about stuff, and it’s got a really player-driven feel to it. Been able to make a creative character, and I hope to make more.

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Thanks! I already like the new character you made

This is a really good server. The people there are very nice and It’s just a lot of fun

We passed 100 members a few weeks ago, and our roleplay has been picking up. The latest big update to the server has been a series of drop-in/drop-out channels that allow players to roam all over the Outskirts Colony - a series of space stations on the edge of the nebula - in light RP. With this update we added several new locations, including a spa that offers luxury treatments for weight gain and weight loss, and a black market where you can buy gear on the cheap, as long as you’re willing to deal with glitches that lead to kinky scenarios.

This place is pretty great!