Blob Nebula changelist and new features

Hello all,

For those who don’t know, Blob Nebula is a weight gain roleplay server set in space. Since we’ve had a lot of changes and new features in the ~three months since we started, and players recently unlocked the fourth location, I thought I’d make a new thread listing our added features

  • The fourth location and third planet in the Blob Nebula, Hyperid, is a location centered around mind-altering gases. Chief among these effects is increasing the characters’ hunger, but players are invited to add all sorts of effects to their own roleplay.
  • We’ve expanded the entry roleplay system to allow users to have casual roleplays without a GM across the Outskirts Colony, the collection of space stations at the entrance to the nebula. Three channels for general, player-directed roleplay have been added and are in frequent use, and we’ll be adding a fourth if needed.
  • A third spaceport channel has also been added, the food court. This is a casual place for players to come and gorge their characters. We also have some players here staffing the food stalls, eager to fill new arrivals up.
  • We have a new system to set up adventures where players can advertise missions on our new bounty tracker, and a bounty office roleplay location to help ease the transition of a group of characters into running a quest. Our players have found it much smoother and quests have become more available since this was added.
  • We have a more robust moderation system in place to prevent conflicts and ensure everyone present is meant to be there, without adding extra work for users.
  • Players can now select a timezone role to signal their waking hours. This is to allow users planning to start an RP together to see at a glance whether the timezones will lead to any problems with time availability.
  • We now have colour roles available for all players to decide what colour their username will be
  • We’ve expanded the general sections of the server with channels for kink media that isn’t weight gain, a channel to discuss these sorts of kinks, and several channels where users can and do post their own creative work and fat art.
  • Oh, and… a number of users have gotten together to create something of a feeding religion, and we’ve created a section off to the side to allow for that.

With all that content added, I hope you’ll consider joining our server to see it for yourself, and jumping into a roleplay to slurp on the slime creatures of Pelumia or be filled to the brim by the robots of Autus. Or just hang out, and get too fat to pilot your ship!


I can confirm, the server is a fun place to rp and talk about all sorts of stuff

the RPs have been great, and there’s no rules FORCING you into anything; you can join “bounties” as they are posted, make your own bounties to run sessions with, and everyone is very open about kinks and including or excluding content!

In the previous month, we’ve made a few smaller changes to the server and the rules

  • Our rules for conduct now apply to PMing people from the server who you are not friends with, so the server now protects people from harrassment in private.
  • We have a new moderator helping look after the place, answer player questions, approve characters, look after the channels, and provide knowledgeable input on decisions.
  • The World Guide has had a section added on spending credits, with a table of common items and their prices provided by a lovely user.
  • We’ve added additional roles for users to signal their preferences for content in roleplays. Users can now decide whether to have sexual, suggestive, kinky, romantic, and clean roles to tell others what kind of roleplay they want. If you want ERP without sex, you can grab the suggestive roleplay role, and not the sexual one.
  • As part of the prior change, users can also now signal what kind of partners they prefer for their explicit roleplays. The options are male, female, and nonbinary partner preference, and users can choose any combination, or take the no partners role to signal not being interested in other people in that way.
  • Finally, we’ve removed the upper limit on difficulties for planets, so experienced characters can still adventure and gain on the earlier planets, with ever-increasing challenges.