BlossomDancer's Fatty Weapons Add-On (To Be Merged with Big Fatties!)

You think there might be a possible weapon that coresponds to Joliar’s mod, making the target become an immobile time bomb of sorts in one shot?

Edit: Had to rephrase the post for clarification purposes.

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Hmm, not quite sure how

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You could also open up your starbound.log (located in \Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage) with a text editor like notepad, ctrl-F for “[Error]” (no quotes) and copy-paste the line(s) that text is on into a reply or DM.

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i got a weapon idea

a bow but the arrows are skewers and hotdogs

i have no sense of creativity


Reminds me of the workshop mod “rpg bow” lol

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Apparently this is supposed to be put in the main mod now…

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What does that mean? It’s already currently in the main mod, or are we suppose to shove this mod INTO the main mod? It’s a pak file, we can’t do that.

The weapons in this mod are going to be integrated with the main mod when its next update gets released. With the only real exception being the food, and the store. Also making one of the armor stands into an actual armor to wear.


Ah, so I should still download this mod? And when that update rolls around this mod will just have the stuff that wasn’t added to the main one?

They’ve been internally renamed so technically you could run this and the update without worrying about having a crash. But the ones in this mod will have to be trashed when removing this for the next update.

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So just throw away old versions before updating(I could also refrain from making them until the update)?

r.i.p. this mod

-assimilated into a bigger mod-

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RIP this mod

long live this mod

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To be perfectly honest, I doubt this mod will/would be updated- I can’t think of any good weapon concepts. The fact I wanted to avoid doing weaponized foodstuffs (like a drumstick hammer or ham bats) probably didn’t help with that >_<

So as far as I’m concerned, the weapons (and armor stands) being added to Big Fatties proper is probably for the better.

Besides, I’m thinking of making a dedicated furniture and foods add-on. Hell, maybe I’ll make some custom fattenable armors or something.^^


By chance is there a way to spawn the weapons in through console /spawnitem command?

From what I remember you can spawn in almost everything from every mod if you know the correct name of whatever you’re trying to spawn in. As I once did to spawn in a dungeon from StarPounds, maybe a mod exctractor or whatchamacallit could help you to look inside the files to find exactly what you’re searching for.

That would be great if I only had one…

it’s like 400KB to download one, just search it up on the starbound forums or something since it’s the same that people use for every mod of that game

I guess I’m just used to looking at the mod page and finding the spawn details.