BlossomDancer's Fatty Weapons Add-On (To Be Merged with Big Fatties!)

Do you like making your foes fat with the various fat rays and needlers Big Fatties already has, but still want more?

Introducing BlossomDancer’s Fatty Weapons Collection!

This mod includes 7 weapons themed for each of the vanilla races- each with a distinct alt-fire, and with the ability to add pounds with each hit. Weapons included are:

  • The Erchipudge Sprayer for the Humans
  • The Adipobeam for the Apex
  • The Crystal of Gain for the Avians
  • The Hunter’s Greatfork for the Floran
  • The Staff of the Ponderous for the Glitch
  • The Ogre’s Moonshiner for the Hylotl
  • And the Nova Scatterpopper for the Novakid

All of these weapons can be upgraded at the Weapon Upgrade Anvil!

Additionally, this mod includes a few non-weapon items, including two pieces of decorative objects, a version of the feeding tubes made to fit with medieval or rustic builds, two food items that make use of the unused Bouncy and Levitation status effects, and the Cupcake.

So where do you get all these toys? Upon upgrading to the Engineer’s Table, you can (at a small cost of pixels and titanium) craft Chika’s Loot Shop. This ravenous Floran sells all the items added through this add-on.

Download here and place it in your Mods folder alongside Big Fatties itself.
(Last updated 3/21/21)


Alright, this mod is pretty nice ngl. I like the addition of the new feeder tube. Now I can make cool looking builds! But I recommend a version a version of the feeder without the whole… feeder tube. Like, a Storage Barrel.

Honestly, this is damn cool arsenal regardless of the fact that it can also fatten gals up

Also, a question… is there a way to stop the Cupcake’s effect? Like, it’s fattening up my boi forever.

Go into the Big Fatties Menu and set your Food Value to 0.

now this is what i call doing god’s work

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More items mods! Glad to see it!

Alright, I’d like to report a problem with the cupcake. If you eat it, anytime you leave and come back to your character, they fatten up like they just ate another one.

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After some testing turns out this is a thing with all Big Fatties foods- if you save-quit within the time the buffet effect is supposed to be active, (e.g, within 40 seconds after eating a grease burger) the food value’s reapplied. And the Cupcake’s custom buffet effect lasts for 3600 seconds… Oops.

I’ll make sure this is fixed promptly.

A really interesting mod, I look forward to giving it a shot!

Edit: After downloading the mod, I go to the engineer’s table and I don’t see the option for Chika’s Loot Shop. Is there a way to get that to appear? I’m new to Starbound modding so I have no idea what to do to get it to show up.

Wouldn’t be one of my mods without some egregious oversight. :man_facepalming:

Download has been updated with a hotfix.

  • Chika’s shop should be actually craftable outside of /admin

  • The Cupcake has been nerfed somewhat- weight gained reduced by 20%, and duration has been adjusted to 5 seconds to prevent (most) save-quit problems.

Sincerest apologies.


i just like how the merchant ate someone lol.

not tryna beg or anything but can you add a ability where they eat you? ( or just make a completely diffrent object if you cant code it to be able to do 2 things )

I was wondering when someone would acknowledge that lol.

A Chika vore object is certainly within my ability, though yeah it would have to be separate from the main shop- as far as i’m aware, Starbound doesn’t allow for objects to have two different interactions.

i expected my idea to be hated into oblivion lol…
but yeah i got no idea how to mod

honestly i would add the vore object myself, but i lack any idea on how to make mods.
and even if i did my mods would be so buggy , the game crashes on start lol.
so here i am asking ( politely while insulting myself, instead of begging ) someone else to do it.
if you are already creating the vore object then just ignore this. (i dont control you)

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Me: (Sees this topic in the Starbound big fatties section)

Me 3 seconds into reading it:

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chika: i wont bite… unless you want me to.

me: lemme in LEMME IIIIIIII-

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lol accedantally deleted it-

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So, whenever I use the weapons in the mod, my character will stop bloating, and makes it so that the fatties mod no longer works


Ruh-ro. Can you upload a zipped version of your starbound.log from the Storage folder?

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