Board Game Idea "Phat N' Thicc"

iris vs test Fat Destruction (ych free) by Tech.Fant32 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Idea came up after seeing this image and I would be good game to make!! Name give by my friends on discord (Again I don’t know how to make a mod or programming but I would be willing to help and support such a game)

To win having the Biggest and Fattest Sumo and/or take over most of the Map (At less half or greater based on extra rules you add)


Just a thought, but there’s a novel board game available IRL called ‘Kabuto Sumo’, which attempts to emulate a sumo wrestling match by shoving discs onto a filled board board. The premise is simple - akin to those coin-pusher arcade machines, you try to shove your opponent off the edge, collecting any other discs knocked off in the process to fuel subsequent turns.

A vg version of the game, unbound by component constraints, can have a lot more versatility when it comes to representing expansion or weight gain in the game, with player discs growing larger and taking up more board space, as well as unique special powers.


I see, I looked it up and I can see how it works and will agree its basic

I can see it working for as mod of Tabletop simulator or its own video game thing if ever was made, again would support it

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