Body inflation racing game?

So I’ve been thinking about this & I don’t know if there are any BI racing games out there…

Honestly it feels like that fetish & genre should be rather easy to marry. So I’ve been thinking up an idea for how to go about remedying this little conundrum.

The basics:
A 2D left to right sidescroller game where players must navigate their racers through various obstacles to reach the finish line.
Multiplayer functionality, because that doesn’t seem to be in most fetish games.
Players select their racer from a list of characters who each have 3 different stats: Top speed, Acceleration & Buoyancy (their ability to maneuver through the air & recover from crashes).
Each race starts with a minigame where players race to inflate their racer. Placement in this determines where in the starting line they begin.
Racers maneuver up & down as they race to avoid obstacles, grab powerups & try to overtake each other.
Racers can accelerate & decelerate via farting & belching respectively.

Those are the basic ideas, but I have more for the ambitious designers:
Players also select a navigator, who can warn the player of upcoming danger, keep an eye on the racers vitals & give hints to upcoming shortcuts or special powerups.
Racers could have a finite amount of air, which they expend to accelerate & decelerate. Air can be replenished via powerups, but if a racer loses too much air they are out of the race.
A career mode where a player chooses a single racer, buys upgrades & gets sponsorships on the road to winning a grand prix.

So there’s my ideas. Feel free to use & tweak them as you see fit. I do hope someone makes some sort of game like this. Anyways, thanks for listening & God bless.


Can we just already rename “idea” category into “please-please-please make a game i want with all this difficult to do stuff, for free, of course”. Okay kids, sit here and listen your old papa little sister pain - making game is a damn hard process even then you know that you are doing, so if anyone gonna sink time and hard work to make smut for ya all, for free, then you can damn count on em being able to come up with their ideas, in fact, you can count on em doing ONLY their ideas because if you already gonna do so much, might as well do something you are actually passionate about
So if you want your idea come to life, even learn coding or open your wallet - cause it aint gonna be cheap and easy either way


It’s not like people have to do the entire idea as a whole when they draw inspiration from people’s ideas, I know that I’ve gotten some good snippets from the category personally. Also not sure why you’re reading anything labeled with the tag if they all annoy you so much.

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Honestly, it’s fine if people are having ideas, putting them out there and brainstorming them to work out what THEY want to do with it, or even just for the fun of talking about what they think would be cool, but when people act like they honestly expect someone else to do it for them, as if someone who has gone to the effort of learning to make games didn’t have their own ideas in the first place, it comes across as very obnoxious and entitled.


Exactly my point. Then i read post in “idea” category i expect discussion of developers or aspiring developers, not bunch of beggars

How about a “concept” category, to differentiate between “I have no clue but this would be nice to have” and “I have one clue and this may be something I use that one clue on”?

Cause fuck not sharing ideas bc a bunch of people call you beggar.


Reminds me of a mix of Super Mario Maker 2’s Power Balloon mechanic and Sonic Riders’ air tank mechanic, as well as the Mario Kart games. I like it!

Mario Maker 2 P balloon races, thats all I see here