Body Shape Preferences

Just wanted to test out the forums polling software. I’ve seen it working for others, but eh, why not. So, I wanted to gauge what body shapes you all are into.
This isn’t really in reference to my game either, more of just a general statement. This isn’t in regards to gender either, this is just about bodies and how they distribute their mass. Feel free to leave a comment below if you’d like to describe why you’re interested in that shape or have anything to add. It’s all good “research”.

And for reference:

Apple: (Also known as: Android or Inverse-triangle shaped)
This shape focuses mass into one’s upper body; Wider shoulders, bigger chests & breasts, thicker waistlines and heavier bellies while having proportionally smaller thighs, hips and buttocks.

Pear: (Also known as: Gynoid or Triangle shaped)
This shape focuses mass into one’s lower body; Wider hips, heavier buttocks and thicker thighs while having proportionally smaller waists and chests.

Bell: (Also known as: strawberry or oval shaped)
This shape distributes mass proportionally throughout the body with a focus on the lower body depending on hormone balances. Like a pear with a belly, or an apple with hips

Hourglass: (Also known as: figure 8 or peanut shaped)
This shape focuses mass into one upper and lower body but pinches in the middle; Bigger busts, wider hips and larger buttocks and a smaller waist.

Bean: (Also known as: kidney shaped)
This shape focuses mass into one’s lower body and belly, creating a arching back and bean like shape. This mean a protruding belly and bottom but proportionally smaller waists and hips.

(anyone know of any other shapes, these are all that I have in my game at this time, but there’s so much more diversity to the human body, most shapes don’t even have a name)

my votes were for apple, bean, and my personal favorite, belly shaped. :wink:

but seriously, thanks for having that kind of system in character creation. it makes the system better for everyone.

I’ve no doubt mentioned that a fat belly is my favorite thing in terms of fat. Sagging, apron like bellies are my fave.

Bean all the way for me.

Soft hourglass is mine. Emphasis on the bust and hips with a pudgy belly.

In answer to that last part, Trinny and Suzanna seem to have invented the most shapes (Gok has some extras too):

Body shapes
flow chart

“Bell” seems to be the one with most confusion, sometimes being used for someone really wide in the hips.

I prefer a well-rounded shape, mostly even proportions with a slightly bigger belly. I love fat on the back.