My name is TrickeePepper, and I’m developing a transformation/weight gain horror game in RPG Maker MV! It’s title is ‘The House on Hog Hill’, and as you can probably tell from the name; my biggest inspirations are the Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchises, classic RPG Maker horror games, and of course all the fantastic fattywank games hosted on this very website that I’ve sunk dozens upon dozens of hours into.

Despite never having an account, I’ve been a huge fan of this community for a long time (still remember the first few builds of the unnamed stuffing rpg blowing my mind all those years ago,) and I’m super excited to be developing this project with it in mind.

If you like atmospheric horror, transformation, humiliation, bad endings, and (REALLY) fat girls-- This is the game for you! Here’s a little tease to whet your appetite:

Thank you for your time! For those interested, in-game screenshots can be found on my twitter (@PepperTrickee) below the pinned tweet, and I hope to have more for you soon!


Hello, good luck, and
Great interest