Born from the Ink

Jump into a dark sepia world of ink known as ‘The Cycle’ as you discover the world in which birth and re-birth repeats itself in this VN featuring a rubberhose art style and pregnancy content to be explored in The Cycle.

A Pregnancy based VN adventure inspired by the Bendy franchise that I wanted to pay homage to as well as explore the rubberhose art style.

This project was originally for @PreggoPixels Mayternity game jam but I was unable to start writing it due to schedule conflicts irl. I had to restart writing and programming from scratch due to a save error and have decided to release an early build that I will update until it is completed and will be available via browser until the full version of the game is finished, when the finished build is golden I will release it for download.

Last Updated: 11/6/24

Play it here: Born From The Ink by Axxisproductions (

Kelly The Mare

Hallway screenshot