Boundless 4CE

Does anyone have an HTML file for Boundless 4CE? Ventureguy shut down his website, or maybe couldn’t pay anymore for it. If anyone does so happen to have an .HTML file for his version of Leupais Boundless, it’d be appreciated.

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Found an archive of the game on archive . org. No clue if it is the newest.


if i remember at least partially right it was shut down after venture went against the rules set by leupai of not including adult content. so it’s been a dead project for years now.

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You don’t have to use, though.
Also, yeah. Apparently leupai said he didn’t want his stuff used in nsfw content, after venture had already been working on his extension of it, so development stopped. That’s what I got from the gist of it.

Not exactly my cup of tea, but the game looks interesting and really well done. Shame it got shot down like it did. I think I played it a few years ago in an earlier version when there was barely anything to it.