Brainstorming a tech tree for survival management game

Here is a tech tree I’ve manage to make so far.
I would love suggestions to add to it.

Set up is, you have a crew of a few people. They have landed on a new planet. They find a building. They enter and find it is an archive of a previous colony.
They work to decode the entries. These reveal the past group built facilities to live here with the help of the local peoples. Try to keep your colony motivated in this foreign land while discovering what was left behind.

A quick explanation:

  1. Arrows connect upgrades to their prerequisite.
  2. The yellow lines divide the upgrades into tiers.
  3. You must have people which meet the requirements to research the upgrade eg. to get gym you must have at least 1 person with a some fat on them.
  4. Red points are endings.
  5. Currently the loop of this game is to keep your workers motivated. This falls if they aren’t fed or don’t get a wank. Lust increasing means more wank breaks. Fat increasing means slower movement.
  6. Tier 7 means at least 1 person has become immobile and can no longer work.

Is this all just hypothetical, or do you have plans for somthing later? I’d rather not make suggestions for a game I know nothing about.

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I’m already designing the sprites and I’v done some test to see if it’s possible.
I will be trying to make this.

Hard to say whether or not it works since the effects of the upgrades in terms of gameplay aren’t listed. It seems to make sense in terms of the names for the upgrades at least, but whether or not it’s a good tree is kinda up in the air without more info on the mechanics.

Sorry, I gave the wrong impression
I’m looking for suggestions for more stuff to add to it, not on the quality of it.
Like more scenarios or buildings I can gamify into the loop.
I do have a spreadsheet of all what they all do but I don’t want to spoil it.

in lust you could add basically any fetish/kink you want more or less. a bit more specific would be having some employees (like secretary or cleaners) having lewd/revealing clouting or just lewd artwork on the walls. personal prostitutes could be a thing as well.

in fat you could have personal trainer for a second gym upgrade. if you want to represent “health play” in some way you could have research into that sort of stuff. I guess some speed upgrade would be good like fat scooters or travelators (or food on a stick if you want to be silly)

you could also have a tree that needs both fat and lust. there you could maybe put personal feeder and alternative food (not sure what that means though). you could also put hypnosis there to “force” the employees to get off from eating a lot. lewd cakes/food could be there as well

edit: catboys/girls can be a thing

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I was thinking about somthing like: “robot assisted living”, and then going on from there. But I have no idea what the scope of this game is or whether that would be feasable.

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So far I’m planning for “everyone becomes immobile” to be one of the 2 failure conditions. Assisted living is in 1 of the 3 endings though.
The game will be all about a group getting to a state where that is necessary. Thanks for the ideas!

Dedicated jobs will not be present. It’ll be a small colony so everyone needs to do everything.
However your ideas of prostitution have given me ideas to expand the nudist colony tree.
The “get off from food” idea will be in there. You’ll just to wait to see how.
Thanks for the help!

I’m just gonna spitball some maybe ideas, feel free to use all, any or none of them.

Food processing could lead to extra fattening foods
You could have some early tech that reminds people to eat every so often
Maybe a late stage tech that gives them ways to get around without walking (could give this a weight limit)
Could have some hypno or suggestion machines to help corrupt less degenerate people

Recommend “anti-grav” belt and “effector.”
Anti-grav belt is the first foray into personal anti-gravity. It can’t make something fly, but it CAN make the thing that its applied to feel a lot less weight - someone can walk despite weighing too much for their muscles to lift on their own.

Effector is the extension of the anti-grav belt and technology: As colonists become rounder and more amorphous, Effector technology allows them to still “reach” and manage to retain high hand nimbleness despite their hands being fatty blobs.