Break and upcoming 0.4 update



Another minor update! I’ve been doing a lot of looking over the 0.4 version, and have come to announce 3 things!

The first is that a version 2 calculator is in the works, which should make managing the variety of statuses and numbers involved in Voracious! a little easier for me to handle, meaning games will run a bit smoother in the future. Here are the comparisons between the old calculator and a sneak peek at the new one.

The second is that because of this new calculator, I will be extending the walking weight limit, but it will now include carried items and food, making it harder for characters in heavy armour, and those trying to slog around a large amount of grub in their packs.

The last is that the fatigue system proposed by Kostromama has been approved (while I am making a few changes to his original ideas), and the game will be migrated over to using that. Managing weight gain and metabolism will now be much easier, and a variety of spells and effects that use the new system are in the works. A big thanks to Kostro for the suggestions, here’s hoping the game continues to evolve!

A final note is that while I’ve been asked several times about releasing the rules so others can GM it, I want to fully decide on a basic ruleset as well as write a basic GMs guide and bestiary before I do that. When I do, I will be hand picking tester GMs from people that know the system, to see how someone else fares running the game. A full release of the rules to the public will come, but only when I’m sure that the game works correctly, and that all measures have been taken to insure it is kept as my intellectual property. I have put over a year of work into this so far and do not wish to see it sold by someone else. Rest assured, however, that the full release will more than likely be freely available, however if things go well I may try and seek donations to pay for art commissions to get a full PDF, gamebook style release with illustrations of pudgy/fat characters. This is all very far in the future, but I hope this will continue to be enjoyed by the community as it grows~


Not gonna lie. My head started hurting looking at the first calculator. Like, holy crap.

On another note, cool! I am eager to see where this is going, well more so than before.


I’ll be on at 6 GMT, but I was hoping we could try and start earlier, like 4 or 5 GMT. I’ll have to run off before 9 GMT on Thursday’s, so if we can’t start a little earlier it’ll be a shorter session than normal. Friday’s should be almost totally open for me in the future though, and it’s been our primary play day so far. Look forwards to playing with everybody tomorrow!


This is another one of those weeks where my boss wants me to work on Friday. Is it possible we can play Thursday again, or should I try to get out of work? (I do need the hours…)


Thursday is fine by me and by Yawn, so it’s just up to Pirate really


Pirate says we can play but only if we can start 2 hours earlier, as he has to leave and only by starting early would we get the same play time. So the start time would be 4pm my time, 2 hours sooner than usual, and playing until 2 hours earlier than the normal end time.


Sounds great to me, really nice of everyone to be so accommodating!


Can i join in as well or is there no more room?

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