Break and upcoming 0.4 update

Hey guys! Just thought I’d do a nice new post to outline everything that’s going to be going down over the holidays.

The first thing is the game is cancelled until after the new years or until I can confirm everyone is back for the game. I will be spending the time writing a heavy amount of rules changes and a new calculator to fit them. The old one has been grown out of and I think the game could be run a damned sight easier if I bundled up a new one that did everything the game handles, so look forward to a smoother voracious experience! I’d encourage everyone playing to refresh themselves with the new rules when 0.4 is released, as the new fatigue system proposed by Kostromama will likely be replacing the high/low fat food and exercise system that was part of the game until this point. I will also be overhauling the perks and possibly adding some new ones. I’d love to hear more of your feedback on what you’d like to see, and will add it to the list below of things I’ve considered for future content. As always, thanks for playing and for your interest, and I hope Voracious will continue to grow until I can release a full, balanced ruleset complete with GMs guide.

-------Future game mechanic brainstorm list--------

-Height and Lean weight character growth mechanics
-Finish up the crafting system
-Possible Pregnancy content
-Race/Classification advancement perks
-New Spell/Status Effects and Apprentice level spells (Conjure salad, Absorb Surge, Fatigue Link, Bolster WWL)

Well, I’ve gotten a change in my schedule, so I actually WILL be available today. I’m gonna await in the Roll20 room until we start, or someone cannot attend.

MY availability has not changed, but if you’re taking a break for the time being to work on the game, I’m all for it. I’ll keep an eye on the forums in case things do change and something does happen today.

I’m still available as well, but last I heard we’re not playing today.

same here, my availability is still the same as I sent u via PM

Are we planning to try and play this weekend? Just want to figure out if I can schedule other things for Sunday without messing up the group.

Should be master, I don’t have anything else planned

Cool, I’ll look forward to it.

Yay, the game is back on!


I should be good to go then as well. Here’s hoping!

Would you have a slot clear in any of your games?

Does that mean the Flexi-Thursday-Friday game resumes tomorrow?

Same question as Adsein, I’m interested in a slot as well!

Friday’s game won’t be on this week, Sunday game likely will be. I’m too busy on Friday to guarantee that I’ll be there so I won’t risk it. Next week for sure though!

I’ve mentioned my possible Sunday issues with Nuumi, I’ll try to be on but it depends on some luck out of my control and a crappy wifi connection while traveling. Fingers crossed, but I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the possibility.

Oh yeah, you did mention something about that. Well, we’ll keep out hopes up, but I can’t really cancel since I already told Master yes, so we’ll drift a bit ^^; and I’ll catch you up on what happened if you show up late/not at all.

Crap…well, things are getting complicated for me on Sunday, I’ll try to attend, but I can’t guarantee that I can show up. Sorry in advance. Don’t try to cancel it before our time to begin, I’ll try to attend, ok?

Were we usually meeting Thursdays, or Fridays? Regardless, this Friday I’m at work during the time period we usually play. Should be free Thursday, though.

Okay, we’ll try and meet on Thursday at 6 GMT, unless one of the other players comes forward and tells me they won’t be free then

I should be good to play this Thursday, I hope to see everyone then.