Breast Button (starring Toffee!)


A game about making big boobs!

A visual test that became a game! 4+ Months of work! Works on a real Game Boy Color*! Like 5 minutes of gameplay tops! Revel in my mediocre and hastily cobbled together dialogue!

(*probably lol, i don’t have a flash cart. for all i know it gives you a gigantic KERNEL PANIC on boot)

There’s many things I think I could have improved about presentation, but I’m prioritizing getting this DANG game out since it’s short anyways.

You can play it on itch right now! Made with GB Studio.

Various Notes:
  • This game is designed for Color supported devices (lots of color mode exploits). It does not let you pass booting the initial screen on devices without full color support. (It currently doesn’t have a visible alert screen, sorry!!) Tell me if your color device still locks.

  • Also, the colors when using many emulators are oversaturated OR undersaturated, sorry!! If anyone has a GBC/GB Player and a flashcart, if you can grab a clear shot of your screen, that may help me reach a better general palette for everyone.

  • Sorry for not changing the default font to the ones in the menus.

  • There’s no gallery for the clear screens (yet). I left it out so I could release a DANG game.
    Game saves are planned for this, but currently on hold for the same reason.

  • Mode where Toffee is regular fat instead of a “strongfat” is planned for another update, but who knows if I’ll actually go through with that.

  • no i didn’t check if that domain is registered or not

(If you encounter a bug, tell me, and I’ll try to fix it before we all get gray and die)


Been a fan of your art, and the GBC art style is deeply charming along with the fun color pallet. The UI is very nice, the talking sprites and instructions look proper to what they convey. The crtl easter egg was a nice touch.

I feel like a timer could help, just to add the pressure, and the dialog for the second and fourth largest sizes appears to be swapped.

I’d love to see more of this visual style, a fuller game that’s not just mash to grow would be fun to see in this unique retro art.

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phew Quite the button masher… I hope we can see it used on Sherbet! She a cute!

I’m actually quite impressed you managed to make a game for the gameboy of all things. I like the artstyle too, working with limitations can make some very stylish stuff.

Managed to get the highest level on my first attempt!
…that hurt…

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I’m glad everyone likes it, and the pixel art!

I really wanted to add a timer, but I hit the Game Boy’s sprite limit pretty hard with all the moving parts on the mash screen, so i wasn’t sure if i could manage it. I had to get creative just to get the progress meter and flashing button to work.

Also, not sure what you mean by the size swap?

I would like to make more sprites for Game Boy Color games though, I found using a limited environment is tough but actually very fun!

What are the controls for the game? im pressing every button on my keyboard and nothing works

you need to use a gameboy advanced emulator.

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Ending Sizes

actually fourth largest
actually second largest

These dialogues should be swapped, as the first largest size would be the biggest, and fifth largest would be the smallest.

Replaying, I’m super appreciating how expressive the dialogue sprites are, the scene of Toffee’s keister in the air is very cute and personable.

For the emulator, first click on the screen to make sure the emulator is reading your keyboard inputs. I believe the Arrow keys control the D-Pad, the Z key is the A button, X is B, Enter is Start and Shift is select.

Oops. I numbered them based on the order made instead of their relative position.

They should be fixed now.

I knew I was forgetting something on the page. Anyway, this is correct!

(Browser emulator controls have also been added to the game page)

Shift key does not work in Linux in Chrome based browsers (and may not work also in other browsers and/or operating systems, because it is modifier and operating system may hide “down” and/or “up” event from browser).

That is… specific.

I’ve uploaded a version of the browser emulator that has the controls altered so that now both “Shift” and “/” work as Select. I sure hope Linux users can press “/” while playing browser games .-.

If all else fails, there’s always the option of downloading the .gbc rom file to play in a Linux supporting emulator and mapping the controls yourself.

(Also fixed a title screen error I accidentally missed… And accidentally found.)

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