Build Index

Hello Everyone, I think it would be nice and organized if I were to create a build index of Quimbly Builds starting from today (09/15/2021) and edit every time an update happens. Patch Notes will most likely get it’s own category but for now I’ll show each build we have out and if they’re a Patreon Build or a Public Build

•(09/15/2021) - Patreon Build - First Preview of Amber and UI Update!

•(08/16/2021) - Public Build - Inflation System addition and stuffing hotfix!

•(09/24/2021) - Date’s With the Great’s Update - Added Dates and Amber!

If you would like to play Patreon Builds, feel free to support our Patreon (Team Quimbly is creating Project Quimbly and Art Commissions | Patreon)

Play the Public Builds on Itch! (Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly)