Build Index

Hello Everyone, I think it would be nice and organized if I were to create a build index of Quimbly Builds starting from today (09/15/2021) and edit every time an update happens. Patch Notes will most likely get it’s own category but for now I’ll show each build we have out and if they’re a Patreon Build or a Public Build

•(09/15/2021) - Patreon Build - First Preview of Amber and UI Update!

•(08/16/2021) - Public Build - Inflation System addition and stuffing hotfix!

•(09/24/2021) - Date’s With the Great’s Update - Added Dates and Amber!

•(10/28/2021) - Multiple Stuffers - You can now date and stuff Amber, also Sophia is introduced!

•(11/25/2021) - The Sophia & Multiple Pumps update - Big updates to the inflation system and Sophia!

If you would like to play Patreon Builds, feel free to support our Patreon (Team Quimbly is creating Project Quimbly, Art Commissions and The Annual Belly Direct! | Patreon)

Play the Public Builds on Itch! (Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly)