Burger Palace

Hey! I’m new here, so bear with me, but I would like to share the idea I had for a Twine game.

You are Molly, a woman in her late 20s. You have orange hair and freckles. You’re 5’4” and 120 pounds.

Your family had always been a rural type, raising in one house and living in the small town of Everlow.

Your family is well known around the area for their local restaurant. Your great-grandfather had created the original Burger Palace in the 1950s, and it had created enough revenue for your family to stay afloat since. Despite the restaurant being unclean and old fashioned, people come and don’t stop coming.

As a child, you knew the restaurant well, yet you preferred the food of your family more. Due to your family’s business, you grew a fondness for cooking, but looked for something more than what your family offered.

You were always different than them. You were cleaner and preppier, and disapproved of your family being as dirty as they were. When you were a teen, you drifted away, and started taking more professional ventures, making you a rising, yet still semi-obscure chef.

And then, just as you were about to have your big break, you got fired from your job. Coincidentally, a spot was open at your family’s place. With no other options, you decided to start working at the Burger Palace.

As you start working, your weight starts to rise, and you start to suspect something fishy’s going on behind the scenes. Can you get to the bottom of it before it’s too late?

Features within the game:

  • Working your jobs, with both cook and cashier available!
  • Helping manage the restaurant and choose important decisions in how it works!
  • Multiple endings!
  • Weight gain and stuffing will be the main kinks of the game, but if anyone has any others they’d like in it, just comment or DM suggestions!
  • Multiple Chapters!

So this is basically just me sharing to see how interested everybody is in the idea. I have already made a sizeable amount of the story, although much of it is still left.

Another thing I’d like to ask: Are there any 3D Modelers or Artists who could draw or model Molly at various stages of her gain? I’d like to implement the pictures into the game, and I have a few picrews of what I want Molly to look like. Just DM me if you want to help, and I’ll explain her character, what I think she should look like, and send you some pictures.


Are there any opinions, critiques, or suggestions on the game?

Seems like a very solid story that has a lot of opportunities. Not much to say atm as there isn’t much to base upon haha

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Sounds like fun, wish I could help with the art. Looking forward to more updates

Seems pretty interesting, since you mentioned her family’s rather dirty, would that (hopefully) mean that’s there’ll be slob elements as well? :3

Yes! That’s one thing I’m planning to include.

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Oh hell yeah, looking forward to it then!