Burp focused, bloating game

So I’m trying to learn Unity to make a little fetish game, mostly focused around burping and soda bloating. Thought I’d go ahead and make a topic and I’ll update as the game progresses. It’s kind of inspired by an NSFW flash game from a number of years back by a user called Zogul. I wanted to make something similar but with less of a directly sexual focus beyond the fetish parts and with a more game focus (at least once I get past the prototype stage). Would love to discuss and be inspired!


Hey! I made a comment just to throw out my idea, maybe a mechanic of sorts that revolves around them trying not to burp, maybe it builds up gas for a massive burp.

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That Flash game you linked is pretty cool, though clearly unfinished. I wish the dev hadn’t dropped it.
That said, it’d be cool if you made something like it, it’s a fun idea.