Cafe O' Chub


Normally I lurk, this is my first time post here so I hope you all enjoy it!

Just a quick little puzzle game that I made about Abigail, a woman who works at a diner that serves people who are very fat to the point of immobility. She turns up to work where it seems that she’s the only one serving the customers on one of their busiest days!

Play as Abigail and help to feed the customers under the promise of as much free cake as she can eat at the end of the shift.

There’s a furry mode for those who prefer ears and tails, and a regular mode for those who do not. There’s also a TOP SECRET area that you will need the code to access. If enough people ask about the code, I’ll release it.


(playable in-browser, no download needed)


Does this work on mobile?

No unfortunately not at the moment, but I will look into patching it to work with mobile. I’ll let you know.

Thanks. Mobile is a lot more convenient for me than PC is, so appreciated

This is great! I don’t see a whole lot of weight gain puzzle games, which is a shame because I think they work really well, they seem more accessible and not as likely to get bogged down in writing and feature creep as other genres.

One thing I noticed, if you try to push a crate past a customer, they end up eating it. Not sure if that’s a bug or a feature, maybe they’re just so hungry that they’ll grab it as soon as it’s close enough. XD

I definitely would like to get the code so I can see what that was at the end.


Thanks for the kind words. Yeah the crate thing is definitely a known bug that kinda turned into a feature (I couldn’t figure out how to fix it so… eh they’re fat, they eat the cake haha).

The code is 130420 - have fun in the dev room.

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I really loved playing this! Usually I hate puzzle games because I’m a big dumbdumb but I had a lot of fun figuring the puzzles out.
Also it helps that I threw a few words over my shoulder at her while she was making it and she put a few ideas in XD

I always get impatient with puzzle games, but this was fun and cute, and I had to find out what was in the dev room :stuck_out_tongue:

could you add an option to turn the volume down? I have my headphones on my desk and it’s still louder than I would like

This is a pretty interesting puzzle game. This type of puzzle where you have to push things along the right path so that you don’t get them stuck used to be infuriating for me, but here I seem to have figured it out. I like the way the difficulty is set in the later levels, so that once you’ve gotten accostumed to the the gameplay and have a basic idea on how to move the cake boxes around, you can do the remaining levels first try if you play well.
Now, I’d like to report a bug. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the “return to main menu” option that appears when pressing shift doesn’t seem to work. Also, an “undo” button would be nice to have, if possible. I remember once I accidentally moved a cake box in the last level to the left halfway through the whole thing and I ended up having to restart.

Thanks, yeah the ‘return to main menu’ button isn’t working currently and is something I will need to look into. Unfortunately I’m not sure how I’d go about doing an Undo function but I will look into this also.

Me: hmmm, seems pretty easy
Also me: fails the last cake delivery at the first lvl 2 times

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If anyone wants to modify sound levels, I’m not sure if this’ll work for everyone, but a lot of Windows computers seem to have an option-let me start over. Right-click the sound button, and go to Volume Mixer. If you want to completely mute something, it lets you do so individually, or adjust its relative volume compared to everything else. It’s a really finicky slider, though. Just keep that in mind.

I hate to be critical of the type of game, but I’m personally not a fan of box puzzles

A nice little puzzle game I gotta say, had some troubles on the second and last levels, but it was good. Def recommend if you like puzzles

A let’s play of the game. Nice work :slight_smile:

One question, Am i able to Eat everything instead of giving it to the others?

the answer to that question is no.

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