Cake Factory Panic! (Qwibble & therealfalconpawnch7)

Note: I apologise for having to dump the instructions into the post, time was extremely tight due to me and Falcon being extremely busy! (Qwibble)

Genre — Stepped Realtime Management — Turns automatically pass every 3 seconds, similar to something like Big Pharma.

W: Assign a staff member to a random machine.
S: Unassign a Staff Member from a random machine — Except the last one you assigned.
Space: Eat a botched cake part from one of the machines.
P: Pause and Unpause — I can’t believe I forgot to mention the pause button, it’s not a new part of the game or me changing my submission of anything, I literally forgot to mention it XD

The story — The cake factory boss has fired all of the regular employees to save money. You are the last original staff member, the line manager, Kendra. In place of the regular staff the boss drafted in some local women, in short, they barely know what they’re doing and are hardly listening to Kendra.

In the game — Since the staff are barely listening to her, Kendra can only say “Someone get on a machine!”(W) — Or “Someone get off a machine!”(S) — (This indirect control was my attempt to fit the jam theme!) — Staff members can’t be removed if they are presently operating a machine, or if they are currently eyeing up a botched cake.

Speaking of botching cakes, did I mention that the “staff” don’t really know what they’re doing? Every staff member has an energy value, which of course they will only remember to tell Kendra just before she assigns them (The name and energy value at the bottom of the screen) — Kendra has to keep a sharp eye on the girls, if they run out of energy they will screw up and botch a cake. Girls may slowly recover energy whilst not assigned to a machine.

Eating botched cakes off the conveyor is not exactly good for one’s waistline. The girls will get visibly bloated eating all that unprocessed sugar and it will only take eating two botched cakes for the staff members to need to waddle home, utterly stuffed to the brim. Kendra can either try to keep the staff from making mistakes, or can intercede herself! (Space) Will allow kendra to eat a botched cake from any machine. Beware though, whilst Kendra can stomach a lot of cake, the boss will not be happy if he sees Kendra doing a blimp impression and will fire her if she gets too big!

Falcon and I had a kinda rough time of it, surprisingly not due to the theme though lol, life uh… finds a way to get in the way. Even so we managed! It’s not the most amazing game but it is another mostly finished game and I am happy with that!

I am aware of a few visual glitches, such as sometimes botched cake sprites will appear for the next staff if a staff member is successfully switched off the machine by having Kendra eat a botched cake. The code is too noodly for me to be able to fix it in any resonable timeframe unfortunately lol. I believe the majority of nasty bugs have been thoroughly squished though!

I would like to thank Falcon once again for providing his fantastic art to the project despite how busy he was!

Download Link:

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This is a cute little game! I love the art work!


Winzip broke when I tried to extract this, damn

Wait really? That sucks >.< — Have you tried 7zip file manager? (It’s free and unintrusive :slight_smile: ) Oh you can use winrar too!

I’d love to see this become its own thing!

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Actually I was using winrar lol

How odd, I did have someone test extracting it with winrar O.o — I have honestly no idea why it’s refusing to work…

Sadly I probably won’t have time to work on it anymore. I have a big primary game project in the works which is gonna eat up all of my time ^^’’ I am glad that you’ve enjoyed the game though!

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Oh ok! Hope the project is good!

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I think there’s a problem with my game because I cant see the different workers energy.

Ah actually that’s intentional, apologies if that wasn’t clear! Given the max energy is 3 and you see the energy of the staff member you are about to assign, it’s part of the challenge to remember how many cycles they can last before making a mistake! :smiley:

Unless… you mean the lower text box showing the staff assignment isnt showing… in which case… I have no idea O.o — I’m getting that sinking feeling I didn’t anchor that text box correctly… apologies >.> — The game is technically playable without it… It’s just harder XD lol