Call me Ano, at your service.

My name is not Ano, but that will be more than enough for now!

I am an indie developer working for a currently undisclosed studio(Please don’t mind the paranoia, I am a public person for my studio, and it could be rather bad if people started judging us for the projects I am connected to in my spare time).

You will notice I am not strictly part of any big project on the site, though I try my best to help the ones that exist wherever I can. That is what I consider I am here for: To me, helping you succeed in your games is more important than finishing my own projects. So please, do not hesitate in asking for help!

As an indie developer, that means I have a foot set in pretty much all areas of game development, from art to code, but my specialties are in game design and management. I’ve also made a few connections around the community, so even if I myself am not able to help you, I might be able to introduce you to someone who can.

You can PM me or add me on Skype through the Anonim2002 handle(not the Russian one). I am usually online during the weekends.

Please mind the shark after the jump.

P.S.: I don’t have much time these days, and since I already work on game projects for most of the day at the studio, I prefer helping you guys than working on my own stuff. Still, you can probably expect a few tiny game releases from me every now and then.

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The bbwchan thread curator. You’re certainly welcome here! glad to see you on board!

Welcome back and welcome to the forum. I know last time we all tried to get something to work together it died shortly after the idea was hatched, but it’s good to see you here. So far, this forum has taken off much more smoothly and everyone has been a bit more active in building it. You and Kilif both have very professional minds, so obviously this place will have a stronger working environment for it.

We need a strong harbor for these tattered ships to launch.