Calling All ESO Players - The Gourmand's Guild is recruiting!

Do you play Elder Scrolls Online? Care to join a guild for people who appreciate the larger side of things like here on weightgaming? I’m hoping to make a private and cozy guild for fatties and fat-adjacents of all walks to discuss their favorite things as well as get together for RP and other related topics to weight gain, all the while adventuring alongside one another in Tamriel~!

If this sounds appetizing to you, then The Gourmand’s Guild wants you! Can you belly up to this bite of adventure? Contact @BigCatZam on NA-PC if interested, or message me here on weightgaming!

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Too sad we can’t make mods on this game. This could have been a lot of potential.


I haven’t played ESO in quite a while but will always respect the game for being one of the first mmorpgs to allow players to create overweight characters, really blew my mind when it was first released. I need to get more space for my laptop then I could actually play the game again.


I’ll reinstall it and try it out. Always did have an interest for TES fatty RP

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Well shoot, I’m going to have to redownload ESO now. Been ages since I played that game, lol

I’ll make a new character, what class or race should I play (I’ll definitely be happy to be the resident Male Feeder in the guild, since I’m sure there’s not enough yet, lol).

Any’s good, though be aware khajiit and argonians are liable to be in excess!

Hello! I have lurked quite a bit on the website but have never really played ESO, if there is still space id love to join~

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By all means! DM me or contact me in-game!

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Im not 100% sure how, see my account on WG is new and im not quite sure how to wisper/dm someone in game!

Fair enough, my Discord is Empress Valyria#1913 if you don’t mind friending me there.

Perfect timing! I just got the game, just have to figure out how to join!

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Maybe I’ll reinstall the game

Alright, just temper your expectations, I have been sadly preoccupied with work and projects lately.

DM me if you’d like to join.