can anybody link me with good wg games that works for andriod

I don’t care what type, as long as it has female weight gain

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Well I’m not sure of any where the main focus is weight gain, but both Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space by Fenoxo are available on Android. They are more general transformation games but there are plenty of characters in them ranging from chubby to plush.

I can recall from memory that CoC has at least three dedicated wg/inflation scenes of pretty high quality, and your character’s “tone” and “thickness” can be modified by various factors. This body modification is also present in TiTS, but I don’t remember any scenes specifically about stuffing, weight gain, etc.

Also, Kitteh6660 has been working on a Community Mod for a number of years that is pretty excellent. I remember it working on Android once upon a time, but you’d have to read through some of the post on their GitHub. Apart from vastly expanding the game, they also added a hunger system that has wg consequences for overeating. It’s been quite some time since I’ve played it so I don’t know if any more stuffing/wg/inflation content has been added but honestly it’s worth checking out all wg content nonwithstanding.

Hope that helps!

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