Can Creators use more than one method for download? (request)

Mega does not work for me, and for others as I have seen, so could we collectively agree to use MediaFire or other means of sharing projects? (voluntarily, not to be enforced in any way, shape, or form)

(Side note: yes, I have tried to fix my mega problems but nothing has worked)

((side side note: I’m not asking creators to change past projects, I am only asking this for WIPs or projects that have yet to be uploaded. I do not ask for ridicule, I only make my request that creators consider that maybe one method will not work for some users))


It should be the choice of the project manager, as for most people the download method isn’t really a problem. Talking about problems, it is true and I also got problems with Mega (and Google Drive) due to how I connect to the forum but that should not force uploaders to use those services (but I do agree on giving multiple choices if they want, gives a bit of preservation too giving a “shield” to prevent what happend to a specific set on The Sims 4 mods from this forum).


i hope my visual tone did not indicate that this would be an involuntary thing, of course there is always a choice but it would also just be super helpful if creators would just always use more than one method of download, just in case


There are multiple regions that have issues with either of the fille sharing sites (among others), and other factors such as, browsers, amount of downloads, etc that can keep a user from being able to access different file share sits or files. So, I don’t think you could agree that one particular site is the way to go as people are always going to have access issues. But I agree having a few options for downloads and being aware of what regions users might access from that have the issues would be good for devs and the community as a whole.

I’ve used mega for about 3-4 years now and never had a problem (except when trying to download extremely large files).

Media fire is good but has the problem with random adds popping up when clicking download which can be flagged by computers and cancel the download.

Either way, depends on the project manager mostly for whichever they are more comfortable using. requires the user to have a computer that has up to date software installed on it.

this is a very minor stipulation and drawback.

It doesn’t make sense for 100% of content creators to change their plans for 0.01% of fans (you and maybe one other guy on earth)

Of the two I prefer MEGA, higher download speed and desktop app + sync etc.
But if I would ever need to release a project I think I would use Terabox (free 1TB) or

I would like to point out that I said it would be good to consider multiple; I only mentioned Mediafire because it has always worked for me. It does not actually matter to me which means of upload the creators use, just that they use more than one method

(again, voluntary, but strongly requested because there is a plethora of games I and others cannot access due to their location for download)

I have since adapted this thread/my request. If you’re still beefing w it there is nothing more I can do.

I don’t think a change of plan was requested here. After the edit it was also pointed out that its a matter of giving choices to users and encouraging giving this choice.

Sure fine, sounds great.

It reads like a great idea after the edit. If I was given two links to choose to download from; one mega, and one mediafire, I’d click the mediafire link myself. I never upload anything to mega myself, but I know a lot of people like it.

It didn’t read the same way though originally.

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If we’re discussing alternate methods of file distribution, I’m going to personally vouch for It provides quite a lot more for distributing games specifically than generalized file-sharing mediums like Mega or Mediafire (self-contained comments or forums, custom webpage styling, view and download analytics, etc). Its 1GB upload limit could be a point of contention depending on your engine and attitude towards file size optimization, but I’ve personally never had any trouble with it.