Can Somebody make a hack rom for this game?

The name of thia game is Lady Sia

Its a Gba Game (gameboyadvance) I dont Know how to make hack roms And make the sprires but the game is here

it’s probably not gonna happen. most games with romhacks has some special program for that specific game and it’s basically only the super popular ones that get that. even if you use a more universal gba graphics viewer (like GBA Explorer or NLZ-GBA Advance) it’s not even guarantied that you will find the sprites. I looked for some sprites in Zelda the minish cap and Kirby the amazing mirror and only found some tile sets and stuff that looked like random data.

Would be easier to rip the files and make something from them from scratch than add anything to this I think. On the plus side, the company is long dead and copyright stuff should not be much of an issue.