Can’t remember the name of a game

I’ll try to remember as many details as possible. It was a furry weight gain visual novel/text adventure game with characters you could date. You move into a hotel room and each day go interact with characters and/or just eat food. One place you could go pretty early on was a fast food place. I remember ordering a full meal when I was almost full led to a unique scene in which the worker there claims you are the lucky visitor and you get a free meal, which said worker helps you eat by rubbing your stomach, etc. After gaining enough weight your clothes would rip and the person working at the hotel would tell you to visit the tailor to get new clothes.

If any of this rings a bell please let me know. At this point it’s less about pleasure and more about not feeling like I went insane imagining a game that never existed.


I think that’s Worshippers of the Gain, also welcome to the forums.




That’s it! Thanks so much for the help!