Can you give me some advice, and criticize my model

It’s the first time I tried to make a 3d model fatter. I used only sculpt mod. How can I improve myself, and what do you think of my first model, especially about the proportions. I’m not very satisfied with the lower butt and the thighs personnaly. Any tips welcome!!


Overall i think the proportions are good! I see a problem in the boob area, where the top should bridge more smoothly between each breast, instead there is a gap and looks like she’s wearing a bra instead of a top. Also the thighs area, where it connects with the pants, looks a bit weird, as the front part of the pants connects smoothly with the thigh while on the back it’s pinched. Also the hip bone looks a bit too prominent, maybe also too forward facing, but i would need a side and front view to say for sure. As for the rest, looks good! I’m not a fan of plump faces but it turned out pretty well! Also the shoes look nice

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I like that you’re going for a round face! Chubby faces are too overlooked. Maybe make her upper arms a little thicker since she’s bottom heavy?


I find interesting how different tastes can be, even among the community. Personaly, I usually do not like round face at all, as it can even be a turn off.
And for the model, good luck with learning it, 3D models can be a great tool I think.

My man… finally somebody said it.

Each to their own :slight_smile: Personally, I love a round face and double chin


looks good a little rough but still good, but the boots fucking suck