Hey there, I am Simon
I am here to annouce I am looking for brave adventurers to face great odds, defeat mighty dragons, explore the deep caverns of the underdark, see the great cities and enchanted forests, all with conbination with ExpanDnD.

  • text based campaign
  • story tailored to for the players
  • take this as a typical serialized DnD game, just with/for different audience and themes, I will not let this be turned into someones erotica
  • featuring female Weight gain most prominently
  • Saturdays, I am based in GMT+1, all timezones are welcome
  • not everyone in my world has to be fat, if so desired

Sent me a Friend request on discord:


I’m willing to join If you wish. Just let me know and I’ll send you a friend request.

Will this campaign be ok with the sexual side of fetish?

You are welcome to sent it.

Understood, sending it to you now.

Hi there ya’ll still looking for players?
I’d love to join been a long while since I did any fat kink D&D

I am interested on this, is there any limit to things like homebrew (outside of ED&D, obviously) and any other things?

also i already sent the request, i normally have similar names on my “Fetishy” accounts