I’m curious to know what people think about eating cadavers as someone who reviewed Yaffaif on TFGamesSite was clearly very squicked by the issue.

Some things I should point out:

“Animals” in game are converted to a kind of food when they die. To me this makes sense, as if you were a predator then eating raw meat is definitely a thing you might want to do. At some future point you’ll be able to cook things too; converting a dead chicken into a roast chicken for example. By one of those accidents of Object Oriented programming People are a kind of Animal, and there’s no specific code to stop their cadavers being converted into food too.

I may well have been desensitised by years of Rogue and NetHack where corpses of all kinds of things may keep you alive (provided they aren’t poisonous, haven’t become tainted…). The game only offers you the option of eating corpses, you certainly aren’t compelled to do so.

I know there are lots of games out there with a myriad of check boxes to exclude content. They tend to be where random encounters can suddenly lead to your character being subjected to all kinds of fetishes. I prefer to work on the principle that outcomes should be adequately sign posted in-game. If you let the horny minotaur out of the cage, then you can’t really complain when it chases you down and has it’s way with you. Rather than have a disable-taur-sex checkbox, just don’t open the cage! Similarly if you kill an NPC, select its corpse, and choose the eat option, then that’s what you think your character should do at that moment and you really shouldn’t be surprised what happens next.


Probably the Review by Jhal3mbustion originated this discussion, I get it. Read it trough and that got me thinking a bit, but never changed my orientation or caused any new feelings of guilt or sin. I can’t quite agree with the idea of “a game forcing distasteful fetishes” on me and since my kids are already adults, I am not overly worried about their fetishes either.
Honestly I had my suspicions about eating dead kobolds, too, but mostly for hygienic reasons, not moral ones and seeing the opportunity to get my PC nourished I naturally took to it. The practical solution seemed quite logical to me and there were no ghosts afterwards. The ‘cadavers’ also seemed to preserve surprisingly well, so I was actually pretty thankful for the kobolds’ gift.
I naturally went once and killed Arthur in his own tavern as well, but that was something I really regretted immediately and didn’t even consider about eating him! As a chubby-chaser I was shocked about the evident loss of food-related job and even more frightened to lose Arthur’s delicious morsels for ever! So there was MY point of regret in the game and I returned at once to my earlier save there.
Playing as human is a precious addition to me, since I am simply not much towards furries/anthros and can’t sexualize them in my mind as well as humans. It never occurred to me that the human-choice could make things in game worse to anyone and only now I realize it can happen.
Brains being such mighty sexual organ, I realize that there are things that can derail it. Personally I flee from games that contain much violence, but I also avoid games that have no weight gain. Having my PC to eat a kobold or two is not a big thing to me. Eating humans, especially Arthur, is much more distracting and would need a big prize in form of heavy weight gain or something to make me do that in game. Probably I’d avoid that in RL, too, to think of it. :slight_smile:
Interesting topic! Nice to learn about fetishes and their effect on our morals, or vice versa.

If you’re eating an animal, or a human/anthro, then it’s best to cook them first, or, you could have the option to just swallow them whole, when they’re still alive.

I’m not a huge fan of the sentiment of that particular review. I have no sympathy or respect for people that explicitly choose an option in a game and then, without irony, say the game forced them to make that choice simply by it being a choice. It also screams of a person that has very little respect for the content creator, one of those “cater to me at all costs” types.

As to cannibalism, I say whatever floats your boat. If you like it, good on you. If you want to see it in games/want to add it to games, that’s great too. If you want to play it safe, add it as a disable option, but I would agree with dingotush that the best way to handle it is to make it optional via game mechanics/game choices, not switches.

Still thinking and while fully agreeing with kilif above, I imagine the fore-mentioned review could be read in other ways as well. The writer obviously saw the merits of the game and perhaps overtly elaborated with the one ‘negative’ feature to kinda underline the importance of those good things. Admittedly a distant possibility but there’s a chance she really felt strongly lured to play even though one option somehow threatened her outlook on life.

I infer that the other reviews there are equally important and while shorter still perhaps more to the point. Practically impossible to create a game that would make (and keep) everyone happy. Also very hard to review a game in unbiased manner. Couldn’t write a review myself, so I am quite happy I don’t need to do it either. I just try to express my gratitude and admiration to game-makers and people who maintain a site to enable this.

I guess it technically falls under the hard vore catergory.
I don’t think it even matters if I’m being honest.