can't find/remember an old game (Tainted Elysium)

i don’t think this game specifically catered to weight gain or other fetishes, which i’d guess is one of the reasons i’m having trouble finding it, be it through google search or browsing on here. i don’t remember the title either. i haven’t played it in a few years, maybe around 2016-2017, so it can’t be any older than that. it wasn’t complete when i played it either, and i don’t think it would be now if i had to guess. i’m putting everything i remember from the game in the paragraph below:

it was this space-themed game where you’ve crash landed onto a planet and have to try and maintain your ship and resources. it had a really great character creation system for what it was. there were a tons of sliders and options for customization: gender, hairstyles, height, weight sliders that go about as far as The Sims’ do. your character model would only appear as a silhouette, but the range of how you could shape it was huge. there was also this thing where you were able to choose your careers or talents as a worker, each giving you certain stat bonuses or perks based on what you chose. there was one called “iron gut” or something that allowed you to eat more food without getting sick. gameplay-wise, i remember checking on various areas of the ship to see what worked and what i needed to fix. you didn’t necessarily have to fix anything to survive though. you needed food to survive; there were rations you had on the ship, and also food you could gather outside. i remember the main, if not only food you could gather, were apples. as mentioned before, your stomach could get full and you could get sick. the weight of the food would be added to your numerical weight after you ate it. so long as you weren’t the max weight, your silhouette could get fatter, and i remember seeing your stomach getting fuller the more you fed yourself at a time. the only plot progression that happened in the game was a point where you were camping outside and saw something strange moving around or something, but choosing that option didn’t change anything, so the game served mostly as a sandbox for its own mechanics, which i think were already really fleshed out.

sorry, this information might be too sparse for anyone to put an idea together with, but i figured asking on here would be the next best action to take in searching. i’ll keep looking for the game with what i know about it, and i’ll go back on this topic and tell how to play it if i find it. also sorry for not making a proper introduction prior to this topic after having lurked on here for quite a while now.


I got you bro. The game you are looking for is Tainted Elysium. I will get you the link in a sec. Ok Here it is:!6VsAxYAA!-QGSmyzXrXUVY5EyLlZUSg


FYI to everyone interested this game is definitely one of the best WG games I have played. I highly recommend you check it out!


Since this is a Flash file, is there a program you’d recommend to use with it?

In an emergency, just set your system time back to 2020

You can use the flash player projector to load it from: Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads

Its a little exe file that opens it locally on windows so you don’t have to do it on your browser, very handy.


that’s it! thank you for finding it!

I play the game by using Elmedia Player. Its pretty good. Though for you Windows people I am not sure if it will work for you however lucky for you, you guys have a windows computer and therefore have a much greater selection to choose from.

I’ve been meaning to respond to this, but that player worked just fine as far as I can tell!
Thanks for recommending it to me!

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