Card/Stategy Game Idea - 21 Feasts

So, I saw another thread talking about a weight gain themed card games, and decided to give the genre some thought. I think I’ve come up with something worth making, but since I don’t have the time right now to devote to it, I’m writing it down here to come back to it later, or for someone else to take a shot at implementing it.

The working title of this game is 21 Feasts. The premise is simple, you are in a competition with one or more people (AI or other players) to gain as much weight as possible from three 7 course meals in one day. The main gameplay loop requires you to think strategically to eat as many fattening foods without becoming too full during each meal, and without running out of time during each course. The card-game aspect gives you a number of actions and items to either make some foods more fattening, allow you to eat some foods quicker, or reduce your fullness.

Each course begins with a number of dishes being placed in the center of the table where you and your competitors are sitting at. All players take turns selecting dishes; the first person to go is selected at random. Additionally, each player will be provided a drink of their choice which give certain benefits.

Once the course begins, there will be a limited number of time/turns to eat everything you selected. On your turn, you will be able to use one card, and eat one portion of any dish you selected. Each dish will require a certain number of turns to complete, and will fill and fatten you up at different rates. Once time runs out, the dishes will be taken away, and every completed dish will give a new card to use in the next course. Dishes that require more turns to complete will give more rare or more powerful cards.

If you become too full by overeating, you will be unable to play until your fullness goes down, either by using a card, or waiting for it to decrease naturally. Fullness decreases a small amount each turn, and a moderate amount in between courses.

Once all seven courses are complete, you will be given time to digest, reducing your fullness back to zero, and increasing your weight before the next meal. Depending on what you ate, you could gain some perk or buff that could aid you in the next meals.

Once the third meal is completed and all players are given time to digest, whoever weighs the most is declared the winner.

Here are some basic ideas for the action/item cards that can be used in the game:

Common Cards

  • Belch - Decrease fullness a small amount.
  • Sugar Packet - Make any sweet dish slightly more fattening.
  • Butter Stick - Make any savory dish slightly more fattening.

Uncommon Cards

  • Feeding Tube - Finish any shake, smoothie, or drink in one turn.
  • Protein Powder - Make any shake or smoothie twice as fattening.
  • Belly Rub - Decrease fullness a moderate amount.

Rare Cards

  • Feeding Machine - Finish any dish in one turn.
  • On the House - Add an additional small dish to the table.

In addition to the action/item cards, the complementary drinks provide some benefits as well:

  • Coffee - Can use an additional card next turn. (Can be used multiple times)
  • 2 Litre Soda Bottle - Incredibly sugary and incredibly filling.
  • Water - Provides an additional card for the next course when finished.

What I really like about this game concept is how flexible it is. It can be placed in almost any setting: a fast food joint, a vacation retreat, an alien planet, the third level of hell. It works anywhere and can be expanded upon very easily once the main mechanics are put in.

So, tell me what you think, and good luck to anyone that wants to take a shot at making this.


Aw, and here was me thinking it would tie in with blackjack/pontoon with the “21” reference - like challenging the player how many pips worth of food they could put away without going bust.

In any case, the actual idea presented isn’t bad. I have to laud any game that takes a leaf from board and card gaming and this one takes a different direction from the slew of CCG ideas as of late.

The concept for this is cool as. You can never have enough card games really.

Did you think about what engine you would make this in?

I would almost suggest making up a base game with just text and see how it works.

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Bro, that’s not a bad idea!

Overall it sounds quite entertaining with lots of replayability! I would love to see an idea like this come to fruition.

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I was thinking of making it in Godot, but I don’t really have any experience in any game engine besides the Creation Kit, so whatever I choose is up in the air. Since I have no real artistic abilities, I was thinking I could instead focus on sound design.

I am considering making a very basic command line version, I just need to find the time for it.

Depending on your coding knowledge, even something like renpy could work. Depends what language you prefer over others. But sticking to sounds and text can work while you develop a prototype. Images can always come later.